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News about Climate Change and our Planet



Here’s how to solve the UK energy crisis for the long term – store more power

Soaring energy bills rooted in a global gas supply crunch have focused minds on the age-old problem: how can we better store power? Attention has turned to the closure of the Rough gas storage facility in the North Sea in…


‘We can’t ignore reality’: Colorado fires highlight urgency of US climate legislation

Joe Biden ended his tour of neighborhoods devastated by Colorado’s most destructive blaze by emphasizing the link between America’s escalating wildfires and the global climate crisis, saying that the US can “no longer ignore the reality” of weather conditions that…

Glacier Blankets in Switzerland Highlight Global Disparities in Fighting Climate Change – State of the Planet

Ice cave facilities and ski resorts in Switzerland are covering their glaciers with blankets, known as geotextiles, to slow melting in a warming world. Although geotextiles have proven to be locally effective at slowing glacier melt, they have been criticized…

The New West Under Climate Change: A Rampaging Winter Wildfire – DISCOVER Magazine

With wind gusts blowing at hurricane strength near Boulder, Colorado, in mere seconds an horrific wildfire raced across swaths of land the size of football fields, devouring hundreds of homes and prompting the evacuation of tens of thousands of people….


Charity appeal in Guatemala, where the fight for land and water rights is a battle for survival

José Méndez walked up the mountain behind his rural Ch’orti’ Mayan community of Corozal in eastern Guatemala. He pointed towards an abandoned home of the plantation owner who used to run this hillside. “Right outside that house they killed our…

Spectacular Time Lapse Shows the Hypnotic Flames on the Surface of the Sun (WATCH)

These spectacular time lapse images taken with a powerful telescope show the hypnotic flames on the surface of the sun 39-year-old Deddy Dayag used two super powerful telescopes to film the sun’s surface over several hours in order to create mesmerizing time lapse videos. He uses a 152mm achromat refractor telescope, a 200mm Schmidt Cassegrain […]

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