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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Florida Everglades fire spreads to 32,000 acres

[embedded content] The Sawgrass Fire in the Florida Everglades has almost doubled in the course of one day. It now covers 32,000 acres. The brush fire is just south of Interstate 75. Smoke from the blaze is also drifting across…

The huge carbon footprint of cement (and what we can do about it)

When you manufacture cement, you heat up limestone and other clay-like materials to an astounding 2,552 degrees Fahrenheit (1,400 Celsius). Creating temperatures that high requires an awful lot of energy and (usually) a large amount of fossil fuels. Not only…

7 clever behaviors of octopuses

Do you ever wonder if octopuses will one day take over as the planet’s most intelligent species? (And let’s get something out of the way: yes, octopuses is the correct plural.) No one could blame you if you believed in…

Europe prepares for devastating heat wave

An intense heat wave is set to hit Europe, starting this week, accompanied by the ominous warning from Spanish meteorologist Silvia Laplana that “hell is coming.” Temperatures are expected to rise as high as 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit), French…

Why some cats hate belly rubs

You’re sitting next to a purring cat when he rolls over with his belly pointed up. You reach in to rub his tummy, but instead of appreciating it, he attacks your hand instead. What just happened? Some cats don’t like…


COAL: Industry gets $64B lifeline from G-20 governments

Asian governments are stepping up their support for coal-fired power plants, handing a lifeline worth $64 billion a year to an industry struggling to maintain investment from private investors.


HURRICANES: Puerto Rico official: FEMA has ‘slowed’ post-Maria recovery

The head of Puerto Rico’s disaster recovery office assailed the Federal Emergency Management Agency yesterday, telling lawmakers that the agency has delayed the territory’s recovery and marginalized its role in rebuilding from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017.