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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Noise pollution is a major threat to many different kinds of animals, study finds

We know noise pollution is bad for humans, increasing our risk of health problems like stress, heart disease and tinnitus, plus cognitive impairment in kids. We also know it harms many other animals, like songbirds, dolphins and whales. According to…

Mysterious comet debris may spark 'unicorn meteor storm'

If the idea of shooting stars too innumerable to count sounds like a brilliant experience worth staying up for, losing a bit of shut-eye on the evening of Nov. 21 may just be worth the price of admission. Renowned meteor…

Endangered Hawaiian duck's comeback is a 'beacon of hope' for conservationists

Just when scientists had about given up hope, the little duck that could emerged. The endangered, endemic koloa maoli (aka the Hawaiian duck) was thought to be threatened with genetic extinction, due to its interbreeding with feral mallards. But new…

Venus and Jupiter getting closer!

The two brightest planets visible from Earth – Venus and Jupiter – are both in the west after sunset now as seen from around the globe. They are exceedingly bright! Very noticeable, if you look. Photos from the EarthSky Community here.


CONGRESS: 71 Republicans help pass a climate adaptation bill

A bill approved by the House of Representatives could improve the nation’s disaster-resilience by requiring communities to use stronger building codes when they spend federal funds to restore damaged structures.

Why not bring a shelter dog home for the holidays?

As your family gathers together for the holidays this season, do you have space for one more? Some animal shelters are hoping that people will open their homes for a week or two to give homeless dogs a temporary break…

Black-throated finch wins 2019 Australian bird of the year

The black-throated finch has been voted “bird of the year” in Australia for 2019, helping draw attention to the species’ decline as human activities increasingly threaten its habitat. The finch’s victory was reportedly driven by support from conservationists, who connected…

Camel, cow and donkey found wandering in Kansas neighborhood

No doubt authorities in Goddard, Kansas, thought someone was about to tell a pretty corny joke. When they got a call about a camel, cow and donkey hanging out together in a neighborhood, there had to be a punchline. Were…