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Most insects can't recognize individual faces, but these wasps can

You may be forgiven for not having spent much time gazing into the eyes of a wasp. After all, we’re generally more concerned with the stinging bit housed in the insect’s other end. But when you do take a break…

Why Australia's surge of highly venomous spiders isn't as bad as it sounds

Rain has recently brought welcome relief to parts of Australia, at least temporarily shrinking historic bushfires that have raged across the continent for months. At the same time, however, the rain may have also brought something much less welcome to…

9 quirky facts about the platypus

It’s possible to run out of adjectives when it comes to describing the platypus. This unique creature, endemic to Australia, has confounded scientists since its discovery. We still don’t know a great deal about the semi-aquatic animal, or the secrets…

Sticky notes offer messages of hope after student scrawls cry for help on bathroom wall

When teacher Ashley Ferraro was in the girls’ bathroom at her Colorado high school, she noticed a message of despair scribbled on the wall. “Is life worth all the BS?” it said. Her first instinct was to erase it, the…

Day of remembrance: Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

After 24 successful missions, shuttle launches seemed routine. That’s why those watching the launch of the space shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986, started out excited, but soon were in a state of disbelief. Then NASA confirmed the worst.


BRAZIL: Rio residents try to bring green to a concrete jungle

Alê Roque wanders an untamed orchard in Rio de Janeiro, pushing aside leaves to point out what she helped plant last year. “This is cacao, developing well. … Look at this lime tree, it’s full. … Lots and lots of tomato. … That one’s acai,” she says. It seems there’s always more. “Ginger … avocado … pineapple … sweet potato.”