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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Monarchs raised in captivity can orient themselves for migration, U of G study reveals

(University of Guelph) University of Guelph researchers found monarchs raised in captivity can successfully migrate if given time to orient themselves. They discovered this by equipping the butterflies with tiny radio transmitters and monitoring them for 200 km, debunking previous research that found the butterflies couldn’t orient themselves. Monarchs released into the wild flew in the proper direction because they were exposed to natural sunlight cues allowing them to calibrate their internal compasses after being released.

These Homegrown Mushroom Hives Could Save Ireland’s Bees

An Irish designer is hoping to save her island’s native bee species by creating special hives grown from mushrooms. Placing on the world Top 20 for the James Dyson Design Award for Sustainability, the prototype hive, called Econooc, is being designed specifically by Niamh Damery for the Irish black bee, as well as to get […]

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Literature Review: Synthetic Turf carbon footprint, environmental, health, microplastics and biodiversity impacts

Hosken Reserve: grass oval used for soccer training, informal reacreation, off-lead dog exercise (Photo by John Englart) Abstract:  The conversion of a grass oval to synthetic turf at Hosken Reserve, Coburg North, is about a failure in transparency and consultation…

Annotated Bibliography: Synthetic Turf and Climate, health, biodiversity and microplastics pollution issues

Increasing use of synthetic surfaces and synthetic turf is problematic for Several reasons.  Synthetic turf is: Derived from fossil fuel petrochemical industry Produces greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing and as it degrades Increases landfill at end of life Produces micro-plastic…

For 50 Years, Eco-Alarmism Has Left A Wake Of Destruction

Four million homes went without power in Texas. Will the self-inflicted power grid blackouts in Texas finally throw cold water on the fantasy of alternative and intermittent renewable energy as a replacement to the miracle of hydrocarbon fuels? It should….

What the Biden-Harris administration means for chemistry

(American Chemical Society) The inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris marks a new era for science policy in the U.S. and beyond. The new administration has inherited a global pandemic and worsening climate change, among other science-related issues. A cover story in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society, delves into what this means for chemists and chemistry as a whole.


Summer weather conditions influence winter survival of honey bees

Winter survival of honey bee colonies is strongly influenced by summer temperatures and precipitation in the prior year, according to researchers, who said their findings suggest that honey bees have a ‘goldilocks’ preferred range of summer conditions outside of which their probability of surviving the winter falls.

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