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Deep-sea coral gardens discovered in the submarine canyons off south Western Australia

(Schmidt Ocean Institute) Stunning ‘gardens’ of deep-sea corals have been discovered in the Bremer Canyon Marine Park by Australian and international scientists during an oceanographic expedition aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute’s R/V Falkor.

Australia fires and weather live: NSW and Victoria bushfires expected to flare amid extreme conditions – latest updates

Morrison is again asked about the government’s position on climate change, questioned on whether he needs to do more, and whether he might revisit the national energy guarantee – a policy that Morrison previously supported before a conservative uprising within…

All you need to know: December solstice

December solstice 2019 arrives on December 22 at 4:19 UTC. That’s December 21 for much of North America. High summer for the Southern Hemisphere. For the Northern Hemisphere, the return of more sunlight!

Net-Zero Is Possible If You Ignore Math, Science And Engineering

Politicians and climate alarmists are running what amounts to a promises auction about getting the world to net-zero emissions in 10 to 30 years. It’s easy to bid as you will never be held accountable, you look virtuous and bids…

What’s Powering The Electric Car Charging Station? A Diesel Generator

It’s becoming a joke all around the world — the EVs in Australia powered by dirty diesel. But what’s the difference? Most EVs in Australia are running on fossil fuel — the generators are just hidden behind longer extension cords….

AOC’s Cunning Ploy To Mainstream Eco-Fascism In America

Small children are prone to say things that are very true but best not voiced in polite company. There’s been a similar embarrassment described in the Washington Post last week. It involves the chief of staff to one of the…

Big earthquakes today in Australia and Indonesia

The 2 strong earthquakes of July 14, 2019 – the first a 6.6-magnitude off the western coast of Australia and the second a 7.3-magnitude in Indonesia – happened along the Pacific Ring of Fire.