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The RadCity E-Bike Brings New Utility & Performance To The Classic Mountain Bike

Rad Power Bikes has built its business on a line of e-bikes that provide some of the best bang for your buck on the market today, and their RadCity electric mountain bike is no exception. It takes the traditional mountain bike frame, tacks on a robust front shock, then electrifies the whole package. The results speak for themselves

Scrubbing carbon dioxide from smokestacks for cleaner industrial emissions

(Oregon State University) An international collaboration co-led by an Oregon State University chemistry researcher has uncovered a better way to scrub carbon dioxide from smokestack emissions, which could be a key to mitigating global climate change.

Rather Than Polluting Icy Roadsides With Salt, Scientists Use Recycled Biowaste From Fruit

The U.S. spends $5 billion a year to repair damages to road infrastructure from winter snow and ice control operations and the use of traditional de-icers. Every year, roughly 27 million tons of sodium chloride, commonly known as road salt, is used on U.S. roadways for winter maintenance. The chlorides do not degrade in the […]

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The simplest of climate models run decades ago accurately projected global warming – Washington Post

Global average surface temperature change from 1970 through 2019 (so far). (Berkeley Earth) Andrew Freedman Editor focusing on extreme weather, climate change, science and the environment. December 4 at 1:23 PM It’s a common refrain from those who question mainstream…

Researchers decipher small Dead Sea mammal’s vocal communication

(Bar-Ilan University) With the Law of Brevity in mind, researchers examined whether call amplitude, rather than call duration, might be the main factor by which animal vocal repertoires are optimized. They fitted rock hyraxes with audio recorders and logged all of their calls, creating full vocal repertoire. The researchers demonstrate how changing necessities can affect the development of different voices for various purposes, and provide clues as to how the complexity of human language began to develop.

Daylight damage to photovoltaics

A research team has investigated the ways sunlight can degrade the efficiency of newly developed organic photovoltaics over time. This work may assist in the wide commercialization of next-generation solar sheets.

Science snapshots from Berkeley Lab

(DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) An experiment shows undersea fiber optic cable can act as earthquake detectors, a new tool will enable important insights into the microbial communities in the environment and inside our bodies, and an infrared technique at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source probes active chemistry at the solid-liquid interface.

Multi-sensor drone technology for plant phenotyping receives $4.5 million

(Purdue University) Purdue University-affiliated agbioscience startup GRYFN, which is creating technology to help meet the growing global demand for bioenergy, is partnering with Purdue on a $4.5 million grant from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), a division of the US Department of Energy.