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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Lawmakers Override Scott’s Veto of Global Warming Solutions Act – Seven Days

Lawmakers forced a contentious climate bill into law over the objections of the governor Tuesday, a move meant to ensure the state meets its aggressive greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. The Senate voted 22-8 to override Gov. Phil Scott’ veto…


Warming temperatures are driving Arctic greening

As Arctic summers warm, Earth’s northern landscapes are changing. Using satellite images to track global tundra ecosystems over decades, a new study found the region has become greener, as warmer air and soil temperatures lead to increased plant growth.


Substantial CA Forest Management Changes Needed ESPECIALLY If You Think The Fires Are Caused by Climate Change

There is a debate raging between the usual suspects as to whether the larger fires in California are the inevitable result of manmade climate change or whether they are the result of poor forest management practices.  For this post I…

How German Schools Are Becoming Climate-Indoctrination Farms

In Berlin’s green movement, schools and officials aim to utilize youth to pave the way to a new world.  The Berlin daily, left-of-center Tagesspiegel admiringly looks at the Fridays for Future movement in Berlin, a city where it is particularly…

New drug candidate found for hand, foot and mouth disease

Researchers have identified a potential drug candidate against enterovirus 71, a common cause of hand, foot and mouth disease in infants and young children. The compound of interest is a small molecule that binds to RNA, the virus’s genetic material, and changes its 3-D shape in a way that stops the virus from multiplying without harming its human host. It’s an antiviral strategy that could be used on other hard-to-treat diseases.

Reagan: Don’t blame global warming for killer wildfires – Casper Star-Tribune Online

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