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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change is making young people question if it’s ethical to have children – KCUR

Angelica Chavez-Duckworth grew up wanting to be a mom. As a child with a little baby doll always in hand, she says her early maternal instincts earned her the nickname “Little Mommy.” Now 26, and keenly aware of a worsening…

Research project aims to spread reflective beads on Arctic ice to slow climate warming – Anchorage Daily News

Researchers are proposing to sprinkle powdered glass “microspheres” on sea ice to increase its reflectivity. (Ned Rozell) A research project that’s exploring whether covering sea ice with tiny reflective beads could help slow climate warming is drawing concerns from Arctic…

GOLDSTEIN: Cooler heads needed to rationally address global warming – Toronto Sun

Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion A crowd is pictured at a climate change rally at Queen’s Park on Sept. 27, 2019. Photo by REUTERS /Toronto Sun Article content The problem with a study by the University of Waterloo’s Intact Centre on…

Reducing methane will help hit the brakes on runaway global warming – Environmental Defense Fund

Last week at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Miami Beach, I spoke about the urgent need for swift, effective action to drive down climate pollution. On the same day, the World Meteorological Organization warned that the Earth now has a…

Net Zero Is Dead Unless Aussies Go Vegan, Embrace High Inflation

Australians face giving up red meat under a net zero by 2050 climate change target – as much of the developed world questions if the goal is too ambitious. That’s the grim warning from Queensland senator and former economist, Matt…

We Finally Rid An Island of 300,000 Rats and Mice – Now Everything is Blooming

One of the biggest conservation success stories in the 21st century has been exterminating invasive species from vulnerable islands. Now, Lord Howe Island in Australia has finished eradicating the entirety of their invasive rat and mouse populations, and the recovery of the endemic-Australian ecosystem has been near-immediate. A UNESCO-listed island in the East Tasman Sea, […]

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One Man’s Treasure Hunt Thrilled a Canadian Town, Turning Strangers into Friends

A horror-themed treasure hunt, organized anonymously in a small Canadian town, left the community enriched with funds and friends. The town in question, Miramichi in New Brunswick, has a history replete with scary stories of murder and ghosts, which the hunt’s organizer used as context to keep the spooky search going all the way up […]

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Supply Chain Crisis? Mayor Pete Focused On Bike Paths, Wider Sidewalks

You will get out of your car and you will enjoy it, by order of the government. That is the message Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will deliver Monday when billions of dollars are made available under his department’s new Safe…

How fast can we stop Earth from warming? – Daily Montanan – Daily Montanan

Global warming doesn’t stop on a dime. If people everywhere stopped burning fossil fuels tomorrow, stored heat would still continue to warm the atmosphere. Picture how a radiator heats a home. Water is heated by a boiler, and the hot…

Climate change doubled the likelihood of South Africa’s floods – E&E News

Parts of South Africa are still reeling nearly a month after heavy rains and catastrophic floods wracked the coastal city of Durban and surrounding areas, killing hundreds of people and destroying thousands of homes. Now, scientists say the extreme rainfall…

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