Menopausal Mother Nature

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Evolution makes the world less ragged

(University of Connecticut) How does evolution impact ecological patterns? It helps smooth out the rough edges, says UConn Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Professor Mark Urban. Urban led an international team of researchers through a review of the history of ecological and evolutionary research to establish a framework to better understand evolution’s impact on ecosystem patterns. The research is published as a perspective in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences.

Sunnier but riskier

(Penn State) Conservation efforts that open up the canopy of overgrown habitat for threatened timber rattlesnakes are beneficial to snakes but could come at a cost, according to a new study.

What is a derecho? An atmospheric scientist explains these rare but dangerous storm systems

The derecho in the U.S. East on June 3, 2020 killed 4 people and left a million without power. A Colorado derecho on June 6 had winds in excess of 100 mph. Europe, Asia and South America also have derechos. Here’s what scientists know about them.


300-million-year-old fish resembles a sturgeon but took a different evolutionary path

A re-examination of a 300-million-year-old fish, Tanyrhinichthys mcallisteri, revealed that its lifestyle more closely resembled that of the bottom-dwelling sturgeon, rather than the stealthy pike, as was previously believed.

With US Election Looming, Fracking’s Future In Question

Fracking has become a hot-button issue on the Left, and for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s good for the American economy, so right off the bat, it’s bad. For another, it has something to do with icky…

Lehigh University engineers awarded $280K in Manufacturing PA Innovation Program grants

(Lehigh University) Four Lehigh University engineering researchers have been awarded grants totalling $280,000 from Pennsylvania’s Manufacturing PA Innovation Program, an academic-industry partnership initiative, in support of projects designed to “spur new technologies and processes in the manufacturing sector.” The grants will fund research collaborations in industries such as biomedicine and energy.


Bedrock type under forests greatly affects tree growth, species, carbon storage

A forest’s ability to store carbon depends significantly on the bedrock beneath, according to researchers who studied forest productivity, composition and associated physical characteristics of rocks in the Appalachian ridge and Valley Region of Pennsylvania.