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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Manchin Elaborates On Leaving Dem Party After Calling Story ‘Bulls***’

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin said Thursday he would not undermine the Senate Democratic majority even if he became an independent. The remarks come one day after Manchin called a report that he is considering leaving his party “bulls***.” In…

DNA Sequencing of Viking Bones ‘Will Rewrite History’: They Weren’t All Scandinavian

Invaders, pirates, warriors—the history books taught us Vikings were brutal predators who travelled by sea from Scandinavia to pillage and raid their way across Europe and beyond. Now cutting-edge DNA sequencing of more than 400 Viking skeletons from archaeological sites scattered across Europe and Greenland will rewrite the history books as it has shown: Skeletons […]

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ASPI’s decades: Climate and security | The Strategist – The Strategist

ASPI celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. This series looks at ASPI’s work since its creation in August 2001. The world has reached a set of big judgements on global warming and started to act. The arguments are intense, as…

Media Covers For Biden As Gas Prices Surge To Sticker-Shock Levels

According to a recent major online news story, “Gas prices are at 7-year highs, and Biden can’t do much about it.” OK, stop laughing. I said, Stop! This was not a Babylon Bee post. This was an actual CNN Business…

Useless Green Energy Hits The Wall Of Reality

In the field of litigation settlements, people sometimes talk about a “win-win” scenario — a settlement structure where both sides can get some advantage and simultaneously claim victory. By that criterion, what is “green” energy (aka, intermittent wind and solar…

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