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Climate Change, Carbon And A Science Lesson For Boris Johnson

Dear Prime Minister ‘Climate change’, ‘global warming’, ‘climate emergency’, ‘planetary emergency’ are different names describing the same apocalypse. Since you’re ‘following the science’ you’ll appreciate that precise language is needed to describe events. You see, there are actually two types…

Green energy technology

(University of Delaware) As Earth Day approaches, a promising startup that grew out of University of Delaware research is on the cusp of making sustainable green hydrogen a reality. Versogen, a UD spinoff company led by Professor Yushan Yan, is one of three startups selected for the fourth cohort of the Shell GameChanger Accelerator (GCxN) program.

Climate change: Why some detractors say Earth is not in crisis – Deseret News

Utah author Bill Pekny wrote a book with 13 chapters describing climate change, full of charts, colorful graphics and “key takeaways” after each segment in which he impresses upon his readers why his research matters, and should offer comfort to…

Pollen season in Switzerland earlier and more intense due to climate change

(Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute) The rising temperatures over the past three decades have impacted the onset, duration and intensity of the pollen season in Switzerland. These are the results of a study by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) in collaboration with the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss). The study, published in Science of the Total Environment, is the most comprehensive investigation into pollen due to climate change in Switzerland.

Impact of Methane Emissions on Global Warming and Human Health – Energy Industry Review

The threat that methane poses to global efforts to prevent dangerous climate change is becoming more well known. Methane emissions are increasing and because methane is many times more powerful than carbon dioxide at warming the atmosphere, these emissions are…

USC researchers show path to zero-emissions L.A.

(University of Southern California) USC researchers partner with the U.S. Energy Department and city of Los Angeles to help chart a course to a zero-emissions future for the city — one of the biggest studies of its kind by the federal government.

WSJ Rebukes Biden’s Job-Killing ‘Backdoor’ Scheme To Regulate CO2

The Wall Street Journal took a sledgehammer to a scheme by President Joe Biden’s administration to push job-killing climate regulations without congressional approval. A new Journal editorial exposed how “Democratic AGs, green groups, and a top Biden environmental regulator are colluding on…

Biden’s ‘Backdoor’ Climate Plan

President Biden wants Congress to pass climate legislation, but that faces political obstacles. No worries—state Democratic Attorneys General are conspiring with green groups on a regulatory Plan B. Climate activists have long sought to force CO2 emissions reductions under the…

Rep. Blais spearheads virtual climate change panel – GazetteNET – GazetteNET

Rep. Blais spearheads virtual climate change panel News > Local Clockwise, state Rep. Natalie Blais, D-Sunderland, state Rep. Joan Meschino, D-Hull, state Rep. Liz Miranda, whose 5th Suffolk District includes parts of Dorchester and Roxbury, and Sunderland Public Library acting…