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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Open House: what steps should the government take to mitigate effects of climate change? – The Tribune India

Alarm bells can’t ring more vigorously Finally, the fire of global warming has reached our doorsteps and we are now experiencing the threat perception of climate change as never before in real terms. Environmental disasters are no more global issues…

Gov. Youngkin Gets Plastic Recycling Right With New Eco-Policies

Virginia Gov. Glen Youngkin has laid down a blueprint for other conservative politicians to follow in November. Among his refreshing policy stances that range from empowering parents to tax cuts, the newly minted leader has acknowledged that you don’t need…

Global Warming Impacts Society | Opinion | – Quo Vadis

Global warming is a phenomenon that has caught the attention of policymakers across the globe. Now, global warming may not be an issue for humans at the moment, but it may affect us in the future, and it is certainly…

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