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Water consumption for trees is calculated in order to design precision irrigation systems

(University of Córdoba) A University of Cordoba and Spanish National Research Council research team validated an indicator based on using a tree’s temperature to calculate relative water consumption at an almond tree plantation


Could Bacteria Be the Key to Solving Plastic Recycling Headaches?

Think about the plastics in your home. You likely have several different kinds of the seven most common plastics in your cupboards and closets. From plastic juice bottles to detergent containers, your home has a lot of plastic in some stage of use. Once it’s empty, what happens? It’s just as likely that your waste […]

Why bats excel as viral reservoirs without getting sick

A new study confirms bats adopt multiple strategies to reduce pro-inflammatory responses, thus mitigating potential immune-mediated tissue damage and disease. Findings provide important insights for medical research on human diseases.

Northern Ireland Wind Farm Owners Cash In On Coronavirus Grants

Fifty-two Northern Ireland wind turbine owners have received emergency coronavirus funding from Stormont. A £10,000 payment was sent automatically to any business in receipt of small business rates relief. The sector has subsequently been ruled ineligible by the Department for…

Global Warming (An Update) – El Dorado News-Times

Yes, I know we’ve almost worn out the phrase, and it’s fashionable to say climate change. But what in hell is climate change? What we have is a planet, which is actually warming. Now that is an absolute fact, and…

Elkhorn coral actively fighting off diseases on reef

As the world enters a next wave of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are aware now more than ever of the importance of a healthy immune system to protect ourselves from disease. This is not only true for humans but corals too, which are in an ongoing battle to ward off deadly diseases spreading on a reef.


Mathias Cormann wants to be a chameleon on climate change when we’ve got a bin fire instead of a plan | Katharine Murphy

The window for attaining net zero emissions by 2050 and holding temperature increases to safe levels is “rapidly closing”. Evidence is mounting that the world is closer to abrupt and irreversible changes, “so-called tipping points”, than previously thought. Without further…

Elon Musk Explains Tesla’s Vertical Integration vs. “Catalog Engineering”

Elon in GermanyTesla just achieved its fifth consecutive profitable quarter. How did Tesla beat Wall Street’s third quarter earnings estimates? How are they doing this while the broader auto industry is down amidst a global pandemic