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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


What Experts Say About Candida Auris, The New “Urgent Threat” To Human Health – BuzzFeed News

What is Candida auris?  First identified in Asia in 2009, C. auris is now found on four continents. In the US, it was initially only found in certain hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term healthcare settings in a few major hubs…

The rise of ‘doomers’: The people who think climate change can’t be stopped – The Washington Post

When Sean Youra was 26 years old and working as an engineer, he started watching documentaries about climate change. Youra, who was struggling with depression and the loss of a family member, was horrified by what he learned about melting…

Global Happiness Has Been ‘Remarkably Resilient’ Over the Past Three Years: World Happiness Report

In the 2023 World Happiness Report, a wonderful trend has emerged from the data. Despite a major war in Europe, and all the government shutdowns and totalitarian policing measures in front of the largest pandemic in 100 years, happiness ratings have remained much the same across Europe and elsewhere. The report, which is a publication […]

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Rep. Mark Higley: Why I proposed repealing the Global Warming Solutions Act – VTDigger

Commentaries are opinion pieces contributed by readers and newsmakers. VTDigger strives to publish a variety of views from a broad range of Vermonters. Commentaries give voice to community members and do not represent VTDigger’s views. To submit a commentary, follow…

Why climate doomerism is wrong –

We environmentalists spend our lives thinking about ways the world will end. There’s nowhere that I see doomer culture more vocal than on my home turf. With leading activists like Roger Hallam, co-founder of the popular climate protest movement Extinction…

Drought caused 43,000 ‘excess deaths’ in Somalia last year, half of them young children

A new report released by the Somalian government suggests that far more children died in the country last year due to the ongoing drought than previously realised. The study estimates that there were 43,000 excess deaths in 2022 in Somalia…

World can still avoid worst of climate collapse with genuine change, IPCC says

Avoiding the worst ravages of climate breakdown is still possible, and there are “multiple, feasible and effective options” for doing so, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said. Hoesung Lee, chair of the body, which is made up of…

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