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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet



World’s poorest bear brunt of climate crisis: 10 underreported emergencies

From Afghanistan to Ethiopia, about 235 million people worldwide needed assistance in 2021. But while some crises received global attention, others are lesser known. Humanitarian organisation Care International has published its annual report of the 10 countries that had the…

Al Gore on his hopes for the planet: “Job number one is to stop using the sky as an open sewer” – CBS News

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which are helping warm the planet, increased by 6.2% last year as the economy rebounded after pandemic lockdowns—fueled by a rise in coal-generated power and pollution from trucking.  Former Vice President Al Gore has been warning about…

Federal Reserve Head Endorses Climate Stress Scenarios In Policy Decisions

Jerome Powell faced the Senate Banking Committee at his confirmation hearing for a second term at the Federal Reserve on Tuesday, and it’s a sign of the progressive times that a leading issue was the greening of the central bank….

Guest post: How the Keeling Curve will need to bend to limit global warming to 1.5C – Carbon Brief

The Keeling Curve is an iconic graph showing how levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have been building up in the atmosphere, driving an increase in global temperatures.  However, if global temperature rise is to be halted, the accumulation of CO2…

Anti-Fracking Boulder Advises Residents To Bundle Up As Heating Costs Soar

The city of Boulder, a haven of anti-fracking activism, offered tips Monday to residents struggling with rising home-heating prices amid a global natural-gas shortage. The city’s website warned that residential natural gas bills are expected to increase this year by…

US Emissions Spiked In 2021 As Coal Makes A Comeback

Greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. surged in 2021, even as President Joe Biden pursued an aggressive environmental agenda to stave off climate change. Overall, carbon emissions ticked up 6.2% in 2021 as the American economy largely opened, according to…

Biden’s Fuel Afflictions: The New Year Forecasts More Gasoline Pains

That government exists to better the lives of its citizens is self-evident. Happiness can be an elusive pursuit, of course, and leaders are no less likely to zig when they should have zagged than the imperfect folks who choose them….

Deadly extreme weather year for US as carbon emissions soar – ABC News

The United States staggered through a steady onslaught of deadly billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in an extra hot 2021, while the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions last year jumped 6% because of surges in coal and long-haul trucking, putting America…


Biggest Recycling Law Changes in 2022

On November 15, 2021, the EPA released the National Recycling Strategy. As current recycling policies and programs aren’t working as effectively as they could, the EPA decided it was time to take a closer look at creating a circular economy that works for everyone. Why Isn’t Recycling Working?If you move from one town to another, you’ll […]

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