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Trump Opens Habitat of a Threatened Owl to Timber Harvesting

Conservationists said that assertion was unsupported by the agency’s own evidence. In December, the Fish and Wildlife Service ruled that the northern spotted owl should actually be reclassified, as endangered rather than threatened, but the agency said it would not…

Flightless birds more common globally before human-driven extinctions

(University College London) There would be at least four times as many flightless bird species on Earth today if it were not for human influences, finds a study led by UCL researchers, published in Science Advances.

The first human settlers on islands caused extinctions

Though some believe prehistoric humans lived in harmony with nature, a new analysis of fossils shows human arrival in the Bahamas caused some birds to be lost from the islands and other species to be completely wiped out.

A Plea To President Trump To Reverse Leftist Forestry Policies

I live near two of the Oregon towns that basically burned to the ground last week – Phoenix, population 4,600, virtually obliterated with approximately 1,000 homes destroyed, and neighboring Talent, population 6,500, which lost hundreds of homes. Virtually everybody in…

Enviros Fear Dems’ New Climate Plan Will Kill Endangered Species

Congressional Democrats today unveil a “Climate Crisis Action Plan” similar to the Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last year, which sounded like a dream to many progressives and climate activists. At the heart of the proposal are…

Study finds microplastics in Florida birds of prey for 1st time

A new study has confirmed the presence of microplastics in birds of prey, including hawks, ospreys and owls. The accumulation of microplastics in birds’ digestive systems could lead to poisoning, starvation and death.