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Flying Squirrel as Big As a Cat Discovered in Himalayas, ‘One of the least known mammals on Earth’

The world is growing smaller all the time as mass communication and transit links the continents in a web of social media and overnight layovers. Yet even with all this globalization, there are still natural secrets to uncover for those willing to look. Incredibly, a species of gliding squirrel (Eupetaurus cinereus) that was last seen […]

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Biden’s Fossil Fuel Moves Clash With Pledges on Climate Change – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Despite President Biden’s pledge to aggressively cut the pollution from fossil fuels that is driving climate change, his administration has quietly taken actions this month that will guarantee the drilling and burning of oil and gas for decades…

Satellites may have been underestimating the planet’s warming for decades –

The global warming that has already taken place may be even worse than we thought. That’s the takeaway from a new study that finds satellite measurements have likely been underestimating the warming of the lower levels of the atmosphere over…

NOAA predicts another active Atlantic hurricane season in 2021

NOAA is predicting a busier-than-usual hurricane season for 2021. Although hurricane season officially starts June 1, subtropical storm Ana – which formed early Saturday off the coast of Bermuda – has already become the season’s 1st named storm.

Pandemic paleo: A wayward skull, at-home fossil analyses, a first for Antarctic amphibians

(University of Washington) Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered the first fossil evidence of an ancient amphibian, Micropholis stowi, from Antarctica. Micropholis lived in the Early Triassic, shortly after Earth’s largest mass extinction. It was previously known only from fossils in South Africa, and its presence in Antarctica has implications for how amphibians adapted to high-latitude regions in this dynamic period of Earth’s history.

Canada May Win The Enbridge 5 Battle, But It’s Still Losing The War

The Enbridge Line 5 pipeline confrontation is political theatre at its best and worst. But this doesn’t mean it’s inconsequential. There is virtually zero chance that the Governor of Michigan can unilaterally close down an existing pipeline that crosses both…

New US weather data shows ‘obvious’ effects of climate change – Al Jazeera English

NOAA report on ‘new normals’ in climate over the past decade shows a hotter US, thanks to climate change. The United States is getting warmer and parts of it are getting wetter, according to weather data released on Tuesday by…

Evidence shows global warming scare may be ‘wildly exaggerated’ – Sky News Australia

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says there is news today which doesn’t fit the script of the “global warming scare” as evidence shows the fear may be “wildly exaggerated”. “How often have disaster junkies in the media predicted all kinds…

Climate scientists debunk 13 myths about global warming – Business Insider

Climate scientists Deepti Singh and Ben Cook debunk 13 myths about global warming. They talk about the relationship between climate and weather and renewable energy. Singh and Cook dive deep into the role of carbon dioxide and more on this…

No Surprise: Natural Gas Played Vital Role In Reducing Power Sector Emissions

The shift to abundant, affordable natural gas over the past 15 years has played a critical role in helping to reduce U.S. power sector CO2 emissions more quickly than projected, according to a new report from Berkeley Labs, which found…