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The Secretive Funding Behind The Global Warming Movement

This article is the first in a multi-part series that aims to expose where at least some of the money is coming from to support the “climate change” movement while alerting readers to foreign interference in our grasp at energy…

Global analysis of how effective and topographic catchment areas differ

Topographically sketched catchment areas are a spatial unit based on the shapes of the earth’s surface. They show how human activities and climate change influence the available quantities of water. Knowledge of these units is fundamental to sustainable water management. However, due to underground connections, some catchment areas accumulate water from areas beyond their topographic boundaries, while others are effectively much smaller than their surface topography would suggest. Currently, most hydrological modelling strategies do not take these groundwater connections into account, but assume that the catchments are independent of their surroundings.


The Importance of Battery Recycling For Our Future

What do you do when your batteries are dead? How do you get rid of rechargeable electronics when they no longer hold a charge? Battery recycling is mandated in many areas, but consumers don’t always understand the process. If your hauler tells you not to put batteries in your recycling bin, you probably think they […]


Ruthless Greens Are No Joke

France’s Green party, which for decades operated at the shallow end of mainstream politics, caused an earthquake this year by winning control of several of the biggest cities outside Paris, whose own socialist mayor shares many of its aims. Europe Ecologie Les…


Letter: Slow down global warming – – The Columbian

I cannot simply go outside for a walk and I live with my windows shut, breathing dusty air. A lot of others have evacuated their homes. For those who are affected, the forest fires have been making life a little…

Connecting the dots on food access

A new study simultaneously examined the preferences of community members and compared those with the community-based programs and resources available to identify the most viable strategies for addressing disparities in healthy food consumption.


EXTREME WEATHER: FEMA maps failed to warn 250K people of Sally flooding

Tens of thousands of homeowners flooded by Hurricane Sally face potentially large financial losses because the federal government lists them improperly as living outside a flood zone and does not require them to have flood insurance.