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Cool ways to skip the air conditioning and still keep your home chill

As the searing summer months approach and drag on, finding ways to keep your house cool will make you more comfortable. Chilling out without the use of energy-thirsty air conditioning will not only save you money but is good for the planet, too.

Why outdoor education for kids matters

I’m always surprised when I hear the stats about how little time kids spend outside. One study found children are spending less than half the amount of time outdoors than they did just 20 years ago. Meanwhile, the Kaiser Family…


Seven commandments of Leave-No-Trace Camping

Spending time outside can have invaluable benefits for your mental, physical and spiritual health, but unless you’re practicing responsible environmental stewardship, you might be reaping the benefits while harming nature itself. Around the world, outdoor enthusiasts follow these seven simple codes to make sure that nature is clean and healthy not only for the future generation, but for the person coming behind you on the trail. 1. Plan ahead and prepare This is arguable the most important…


Celebrate inclusivity and sustainability with these outdoor Pride activities

LGBTQ+-focused outdoor activities and safe spaces are increasing in number and visibility, and though there are more this month than ever, they are all part of a movement to promote inclusivity and representation among those who love the outdoors.