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How to take care of newborn puppies

If you have newborn puppies either in your home or on the way, you’re likely “nesting,” getting ready for the tiny, squeaking balls of fur. Where will they sleep? How often will they eat? Will they need blankets? How will…

How much weight can a hawk carry?

Hawks and other raptors are impressive predators. Their eyesight can be four to eight times better than ours, for example, and many species are adapted for fast, quiet flight to help them ambush their prey. And then there are those…

16 houseplants that are almost impossible to kill

You love plants, but you don’t like a lot of maintenance and you secretly worry that you’ll kill them. Does that sound about right? We have a solution. These plants are easy as can be while still providing the benefits…

How exercise can make you happier

A swimmer runs with relish toward the Atlantic Ocean in Devon, England, in July 1926. (Photo: Fox Photos/Getty Images) The human body is meant to move. We’re all athletes at heart, fine-tuned by natural selection to run across savannas, leap…


City apartments or jungle huts: What chemicals and microbes lurk inside?

Researchers found city homes to be rife with industrial chemicals, cleaning agents and fungi that love warm, dark surfaces, while jungle huts had fresher air, more sunlight and natural materials with which humans evolved.

REI wants you to do more than #OptOutside on Black Friday

For several years, outdoor goods chain REI has not participated in the madness of Black Friday. Instead they’ve encouraged employees and shoppers to skip the stores and head for the hills via their #OptOutside campaign. This year, the retailer is…

UAF’s Terry Chapin to receive 2019 Volvo Environment Prize

(University of Alaska Fairbanks) University of Alaska Fairbanks professor emeritus and ecologist Terry Chapin has been named the 2019 recipient of the Volvo Environment Prize.The prize, in its 30th year, recognizes one person worldwide for outstanding scientific discoveries in the areas of environmental science and sustainable development. The prize will be presented at a ceremony in Stockholm on Nov. 7.