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News about Climate Change and our Planet


San Diego researcher finds particulate air pollution may mask the true effect of global warming – KPBS

New research out of San Diego finds scientists may be underestimating the speed and impact of greenhouse gas emissions on climate change. Findings in a new research paper suggest current global warming predictions may be making assumptions on rising temperatures…

A volcanic catastrophe off the Norwegian coast likely explains dramatic global warming 55 million years ago – Sciencenorway

Several new Norwegian and international studies about this mysterious global catastrophe will soon be published. By all accounts, the studies will point to the Vøring Plateau just west of the town Sandnessjøen in Northern Norway, as the reason behind this…

Real-World Observations Show No Sign Of A So-Called ‘Climate Crisis’

CCD Editor’s Note: While we have previously covered this before, it’s worth noting again as summer is being rebranded as “global warming” and because bad weather is now being interchanged freely with climate change. Because climate-change charlatanism means never having…

Will a freeze in US–China climate talks threaten global action –

US climate envoy John Kerry and Xie Zhenhua, China’s representative on climate change have met regularly. Now China has suspended these talks.Credit: Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters via Alamy Cooperation between the United States and China on global warming has been dealt a…

Switzerland’s Brilliant Plan For Underground Cargo Delivery Tunnels to Reduce Traffic is Now Underway

The dream of a new and ambitious mode of freight transportation just took a big leap towards reality in Switzerland. On August 1st, planning stages commenced to build an automated tunnel network that would ship cargo in shipping pods on a self-charging rail system. Cargo Sous Terrain (CST), or ‘Underground Cargo,’ will begin with a […]

The post Switzerland’s Brilliant Plan For Underground Cargo Delivery Tunnels to Reduce Traffic is Now Underway appeared first on Good News Network.

What would happen if we stopped emissions right now? – World Economic Forum

A new study shows that even if we ended fossil fuel use today, there’s still a 42% chance temperatures will exceed safe limits. In line with the Paris Agreement, global warming needs to be kept at less than 1.5°C above…

2022’s ‘State Of The Planet’ Report Shows No ‘Climate Crisis’ In Sight

For nearly two years now, Climate at a Glance and Climate Realism have detailed the copious amounts of data and evidence that clearly demonstrate the Earth is not facing a climate crisis. A new, print version of Climate at a…

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