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Fact: Science Shows Polar Bears Are Thriving Despite Sea-Ice Loss

Is Facebook now an expert on polar bear conservation status? Apparently, they have decreed themselves the last word for online content. There is a plan afoot to label anything that says polar bears are not being harmed by recent sea…

Oregon experiments find that electrical sparks are possible on Mars

(University of Oregon) Friction caused by dry Martian dust particles making contact with each other may produce electrical discharge at the surface and in the planet’s atmosphere, according University of Oregon researchers. However, such sparks are likely to be small and pose little danger to robotic or human missions to the red planet, they report in the journal Icarus.

Animal evolution — glimpses of ancient environments

(Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) Zoologists at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich report the discovery of a trove of fossil fly larvae, and an intriguing caterpillar, encapsulated in samples of amber that are tens of millions of years old.

Making swimming pools safer by reducing chlorine disinfection byproducts

(American Chemical Society) Swimming in indoor or outdoor pools is a healthy form of exercise and recreation for many people. However, studies have linked compounds that arise from chlorine disinfection of the pools to respiratory problems, including asthma, in avid swimmers. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology have found that using a complementary form of disinfection, known as copper-silver ionization (CSI), can decrease disinfection byproducts and cell toxicity of chlorinated swimming pool water.

Paris is Turning Its Dark Underground Parking Lots into Organic Mushrooms Farms

What can you do with a dark underground parking lot that isn’t being used anymore? Think fungus. Unused parking garages around the French capital have been turned into organic mushroom farms, thanks to a company called Cycloponics. Allowing an extremely nutritious crop to be grown and sold directly in Paris, the initiative is part of […]

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Past earthquakes triggered large rockslides in the Eastern Alps

(University of Innsbruck) Geologists from the University of Innsbruck shed new light on a long-lasting debate about the trigger mechanism of large rockslides. Lake mud in two Alpine lakes in Tyrol reveal that rare strong earthquakes are the final cause of multiple, prehistoric rockslides in the Eastern Alps. The steep rock slopes were degraded by a series of prehistoric earthquakes, larger than any of the historically documented events in the region of the past ~1000 years. The study has now been published in the Journal Nature Communications.

Climate impacts of U.S. forest loss span net warming to net cooling – Science Advances

Abstract Storing carbon in forests is a leading land-based strategy to curb anthropogenic climate change, but its planetary cooling effect is opposed by warming from low albedo. Using detailed geospatial data from Earth-observing satellites and the national forest inventory, we…

USC biologists devise new way to track carbon buildup in the ocean – USC News

A new USC study puts ocean microbes in a new light with important implications for global warming. The study, published Tuesday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, provides a universal accounting method to measure how carbon-based matter…

Producing more sustainable hydrogen with composite polymer dots

(Uppsala University) Hydrogen for energy use can be extracted in an environmentally friendly way from water and sunlight, using photocatalytic composite polymer nanoparticles developed by researchers at Uppsala University. In laboratory tests, these ‘polymer dots’ showed promising performance and stability alike. The study has been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.