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The Mad Rush To Electric Vehicles

Tesla’s stock market value is already bigger than Ford and General Motors combined, says a report in Forbes magazine. Elon Musk’s company had already received nearly $5 billion in federal subsidies by 2015, helping him amass a net worth of…


Morrison’s roadmap to emissions reduction could turn out to be pap – but it’s not a terrible idea | Katharine Murphy

Given the Coalition’s unconscionable track record, it is very, very hard to assume the Morrison government will approach anything in climate change policy from a position of good faith. But brace yourself, because I’m going to say something that might…

Some birds watch other birds to see if what they're eating is good … or gross

Ever look around the table when the “aspiring chef” in your family unleashes her latest culinary creation? Everybody seems to be waiting for someone else to take that first fateful bite. Will it be gross? Not so gross? Or death…

Vt. House approves Global Warming Solutions Act – WCAX

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) Vermont lawmakers Friday took action to advance a climate change bill that calls for the state to meet strict carbon emission reduction targets or face legal consequences. The House approved the Global Warming Solutions Act, a bill…

What is the 'windshield phenomenon'?

Seeing dead bugs on a windshield isn’t a welcome sight, but maybe it should be. Seeing fewer of them is an anecdotal sign that bugs may be in trouble. Dubbed the “windshield phenomenon,” the term gained traction in 2017 following…


Why does Arrokoth look like a snowman?

Meet Arrokoth – the most distant object yet visited by earthlings – seen by the New Horizons spacecraft in early 2019. It’s very old, one of the first generation of objects in our solar system. Here’s why it looks like a snowman.