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How Transparent Solar Panels And ‘Quantum Dots’ Could Make Skyscrapers Power Themselves

In labs around the world, scientists and engineers are working to transform skyscrapers into giant solar energy-generating pylons. This has been made possible by a seemingly fictional invention that has appeared over the last few years—organic, transparent solar cells that when inserted into panes of glass, absorb sun and turn it into electricity to power […]

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Doomsters: Climate Change Is ‘Common Denominator’ Behind Destruction

Climate change rhetoric continues to escalate, with alarmists now proclaiming that there is no need to wait because “the apocalypse is now.” That is the title of an article Wednesday by journalist Erin Bunch, in which she explains how “rampant…

New brain cell-like nanodevices work together to identify mutations in viruses

Scientists have described a new nanodevice that acts almost identically to a brain cell. Furthermore, they have shown that these synthetic brain cells can be joined together to form intricate networks that can then solve problems in a brain-like manner.


Provide shady spots to protect butterflies from climate change

Researchers have discovered significant variations in the ability of different UK butterfly species to maintain a suitable body temperature. Species that rely most on finding a suitably shady location to keep cool are at the greatest risk of population decline. The results predict how climate change might impact butterfly communities, and will inform conservation strategies to protect them.

Asteroid or space junk? Approaching object might become Earth’s mini-moon

A newly discovered “asteroid” may become a new mini-moon for Earth. Instead of an ordinary asteroid, it might be a lost rocket from the Surveyor 2 mission, launched from Earth more than 50 years ago.


CALIFORNIA: Gas car ban, aimed at warming, also hits Trump

California’s governor yesterday thrust climate change onto the national stage before the election, moving to phase out gasoline-fueled cars and challenging President Trump’s rejection of climate science.