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Want to Learn to Code? This Nintendo-Style Video Game Will Teach You – And It’s Free

Writing code is a skill almost anyone can make use of, and now there’s a video game that will teach you how. Set in an old school, Super Nintendo-like, 16-bit world, TwilioQuest teaches common coding languages like Python, JavaScript, and Open Source and combines the satisfying sense of progression inherent in role-playing games, with actual […]

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NSU researcher part of a flagship study on vertebrate genomes

(Nova Southeastern University) Today, the G10K sponsored Vertebrate Genomes Project (VGP) announces their flagship study and associated publications focused on genome assembly quality and standardization for the field of genomics. This study includes 16 diploid high-quality, near error-free, and near complete vertebrate reference genome assemblies for species across all taxa with backbones (i.e., mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and fishes) from five years of piloting the first phase of the VGP project.

How to Turn Plastic Waste in Your Recycle Bin Into Profit

This article, by Joshua M. Pearce of Michigan Technological University, has been republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. People will recycle if they can make money doing so. In places where cash is offered for cans and bottles, metal and glass recycling has been a great success. Sadly, the incentives have been […]

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Modeling the probability of methane hydrate deposits on the seafloor

(DOE/Sandia National Laboratories) A team of researchers from Sandia National Laboratories and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have developed a new system to model the likelihood of finding methane hydrate and methane gas that was tested in a region of seafloor off the coast of North Carolina.

Hindawi and Maverick announce open access publishing services collaboration

(Hindawi Limited) Under a new collaborative agreement, a dedicated team of Maverick’s specialists and Hindawi will be working together to increase publishing industry knowledge of Hindawi’s expanded range of publishing services.

DeepLabCut-Live! real-time marker-less motion capture for animals

Behavioral scientists introduce DeepLabCut-Live!, a deep-learning tool that can enable real-time feedback studies on animal movement and posture. The software features ‘maker-less’ real-time motion capture, can interface with lab hardware for neurological analysis, and is now available open source for use by researchers.

Terminator salvation? New machine learning program to accelerate clean energy generation

(ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science) A new type of machine learning model will predict the efficiency of materials that can be used in next-generation organic solar panels, including ‘virtual’ compounds that don’t exist yet. The program is free and easy to use for scientists and engineers creating prototype devices.

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