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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Christmas Bird Count takes off Dec. 14

The 120th annual Christmas Bird Count or CBC begins Dec. 14, and scientists are relying on more than 70,000 volunteers to help them gather data about birds across the Western Hemisphere. Each year, Audubon mobilizes experienced bird-watchers and amateurs alike…

Lakes are a climate change ‘ticking time bomb’, warn scientists – The Telegraph

Freshwater lakes have been identified as a potential “ticking time bomb” amid fears greenhouse gases contained in the water could double as a result of climate change, scientists have warned. A University of Cambridge study found that after adding to the…

This coyote almost died because humans can't pick up after themselves

No one knew exactly how long the coyote had been roaming the grassy fields and wooded ravines at Bronte Provincial Park. But everyone knew one thing for sure: Catching her was a matter of life and death. The plastic jug…

New moon-seeking sensor aims to improve earth observations

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A new instrument with its eye on the Moon is taking off aboard a high-altitude NASA plane to measure the Moon’s brightness and eventually help Earth observing sensors make more accurate measurements.

November 12 full moon is the Beaver or Frosty Moon

Full moon – when the moon is most opposite the sun for this month – falls on November 12, 2019, at 13:34 UTC. Sometimes the November full moon is the Hunter’s Moon, but not this year.

Concordia research shows how climate change will affect hydropower production in Canada

(Concordia University) Changing climate and weather patterns are going to have dramatic impacts on Canada’s production potential of hydroelectricity, according to new Concordia research. hydropower giant Quebec will see its hydroelectricity output potential jump by as much as 15%. In contrast, British Columbia, the second biggest hydropower producer in Canada, as well as Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, will see drops in production potential as steep as 10%.


Horses blink less, twitch eyelids more when stressed

A horse will blink less and twitch its eyelids more when it’s under mild stress, the research team found — a new finding that could offer handlers a simple, easy-to-spot sign their animal is becoming agitated.

The truth about the tree that grows 'brains' and scares small children

There was a tree on our farm just along the edge of a country road that grew brains. At least, that’s how the strange fruit appeared to my sister and I as kids: Fist-sized balls of tightly packed gray-green noodles….