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An egg a day keeps the doctor away?

The debate over whether eggs are good or bad for you seems to be unending, but several recent studies score for the pro-egg team. Analyzing data from three large, long-term multinational studies, researchers from McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences…

Should texting while walking be banned?

Will Rogers famously wrote, “You can’t legislate intelligence and common sense into people.” And yet, several cities and states are considering doing just that when it comes to people who walk while texting. A law passed in Honolulu allows police…


Identifying factors associated with reports of accidental opioid poisoning in dogs

Dogs that are smaller, younger, non-neutered, or live in US counties with high opioid prescription rates are at higher risk of being the subjects of phone calls about accidental opioid poisoning to a poison control center.

How to garden for bumblebees

Would you like to hear your neighbors buzzing about how good your garden looks? There’s an easy way to do that and help an important native pollinator at the same time. Plant a bumblebee-friendly garden. You’ll do yourself and bumblebees…

EV Charger Blocking Law Passed In Ontario, Canada

Image credit: Kyle FieldIn Canada, a bill was recently passed that makes the blocking of EV chargers an offense that can be fined up to $125. Paul Calandra, Government House Leader and Member of Provincial Parliament for Markham-Stouffville, answered some questions about the legislation for CleanTechnica

Homeless find refuge in a retrofitted bus

[embedded content] There’s an innovative way for homeless people to find warmth in Toronto this winter. A repurposed coach bus is on the streets, offering shelter, food and a bed on cold nights for those who need it. The Shelter…

We don't know how bright the moon is — but we need to

Even though millions of us gaze at the moon every night, we don’t know exactly how bright it is — which seems strange. I mean, we’ve already walked on it, tested moon rocks and NASA is planning a return to…