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Interviewing Etergo’s CEO: What The Ola Electric Acquisition Means For Etergo, Consumers, & Investors

Yesterday we were all surprised to learn that Etergo has been acquired by the Indian company Ola. At the time, all we had was a vague press release from Ola that only stated it had acquired Etergo and the two companies looked forward to working together

Global e-Mobility Funding Report — Q3 2019

The Global e-Mobility Funding Report for the third quarter of 2019 showed a total of $2.7 billion raised by 45 electric vehicle (EV) companies across the world. This funding amount is even higher in reality since another 18 EV-related companies didn’t disclose any financial details

Fewer cows, more trees and bioenergy

(Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Combatting global warming will require major changes in land use, a new climate change report says. One important change could be decreasing the amount of land used to produce livestock — which means that people would have to eat less meat.