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Place Blame For Recent Tornados Where It Belongs

Tragically, there is nothing unique about the number or severity of more than 55 devastating tornadoes that tore through the outskirts of Kansas City, swept through Indiana and Ohio, and stretched eastward from Idaho and Colorado across eight states late…

What is the chemistry behind ringworm? (video)

(American Chemical Society) Did you know that ringworm is not actually a worm? This week on Reactions, find out what ringworm is; how the culprit feeds on your skin, hair and nails; and how to not be its next meal.

5 historic battles you can witness in the present

Practically every major battle in every major war has been re-done at some point. The ancient Romans — big warriors, those Romans — upon returning home recreated battles in the amphitheaters for the enjoyment of the people. Before the American…


Earliest human air pollution detected in glaciers

Researchers in Peru’s Andes Mountains have discovered some of the earliest evidence of air pollution, and the report reveals new information about the extent that carbon emissions accelerate ice melt.

Everest glaciers ‘retreating dramatically’ as pollution found buried deep in snow, scientist says – The Independent

Glaciers in the Everest region are melting at an alarming rate because of increasing pollution and global warming, a scientist has claimed. Professor John All, of Western Washington University, said his team discovered that samples of snow taken from the…