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Germany-wide rainfall measurements by utilizing the mobile network

(Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) ) Whether in flood early-warning systems or in agriculture – rainfall measurements are of great importance. However, there is a lack of accurate data for many regions in the world due to the fact that comprehensive measurements have so far been too expensive. Researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the University of Augsburg have now succeeded in utilizing the commercial microwave link network operated by mobile network providers for Germany-wide rainfall measurements.

Hunter Biden Made Millions From Chinese Coal As Dad Decimated US Coal

Despite democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden declaring “no coal plants in America” and suppressing the industry as vice president, an investment fund directed by his son Hunter has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into Chinese communist party-owned coal companies….


How Trump is emboldening other countries’ ‘bad behavior’ on the climate crisis

The origins of the world’s historic agreement to tackle climate change, in Paris in 2015, have some familiar themes. Back in 2007, there was a Republican president in the White House who had long been hostile to any action on…

North Atlantic climate far more predictable following major scientific breakthrough

(CMCC Foundation – Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) North Atlantic atmospheric pressure patterns, the key driving force behind winter weather in Europe and eastern North America, are highly predictable, enabling advanced warning of whether winters in the coming decade are likely to be stormy, warm and wet or calm, cold and dry. Insights and perspectives from a pivotal study on Nature, with the contribution of the CMCC Foundation.

Scientist Says Greater Quality Assurance Needed In Reef Science

Scientist Dr. Peter Ridd has become widely known in recent years for his outspoken views on the quality of science used to underpin new water quality controls on agriculture in the Great Barrier Reef catchment. He has worked on the…

Scientists record rapid carbon loss from warming peatlands

(DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have demonstrated a direct relationship between climate warming and carbon loss in a peatland ecosystem. Their study published in AGU Advances provides a glimpse of potential futures where significant stores of carbon in peat bogs could be released into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases.

X-rays recount origin of oddball meteorites

(DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) X-ray experiments at Berkeley Lab played a key role in resolving the origin of rare, odd meteorites that have puzzled scientists since their discovery a half-century ago. Known as type IIE iron meteorites, they appear to have originated from a parent body that had a composition featuring both fully melted and unmelted parts – other meteorite types display only one composition.


Unique Ways to Reuse Your Trash and Old Items

Did you know that per EPA reports, Americans throw away 267.8 million tons of waste each day? It breaks down to just over 4.5 pounds per person each day. Of that waste, about 10% is composted, some is burned for energy, and the rest sits in the landfill where it slowly breaks down. Reusing trash […]