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The Seen And Unseen In Energy Production And Use

Over the past several days, you have probably seen multiple articles reporting on reverses suffered in the U.S. courts by developers of pipelines to transport oil and natural gas. In one case, a Federal District Court even ordered an existing,…

Learn from the pandemic to prevent environmental catastrophe, scientists argue

(University of Cambridge) COVID-19 is comparable to climate and extinction emergencies. All share features such as lagged impacts, feedback loops, and complex dynamics. Delayed action in the pandemic cost lives and economic growth, just as it will with environmental crises – but on a scale ‘too grave to contemplate’, say scientists from UK and US.

The Flaw In Relying On The Worst-Case-Scenario Climate Model

Whenever you read a media story about how we’re heading toward a catastrophe if we continue operating “business as usual” — i.e., if we don’t slash carbon emissions — the reports are almost always referring to a model simulation using…

Air conditioner bumps the electric bill by 42%, increasing the risk of energy poverty

(Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia) A new study by Ca’ Foscari and CMCC combines OECD and NASA datasets for 8 countriesto show that the share of households’ spending dedicated to cooling is greater to what estimated in previous studies

Why the rise of green chemistry matters

Green chemistry is an emerging focus among manufacturing industries that minimizes pollution at a molecular level. The idea is that companies can adopt new scientific processes to minimize the toll their products take on the environment. To bring the need…

Coronavirus kicks global warming off the public agenda – The Times of Israel

The worldwide occupation with coronavirus is pushing another looming disaster — global warming — off the public agenda. The media is reporting little other than COVID-19-related news, and the United Nations has canceled a swath of climate change related meetings….

For COP26, Climate Realism Is Better Than Climate Alarmism

Next November the “Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change” will meet in Glasgow, Scotland. There, they will hold their 26th conference to discuss how the countries of the world will deal with a perceived global warming “crisis.” This…


Bushfire survivors join claim against ANZ for financing climate crisis

Three bushfire survivors have joined environment group Friends of the Earth in a legal claim against ANZ, accusing it of financing the climate crisis by funding fossil fuel projects. The case, lodged under international guidelines agreed by members of the…

The US Has the Least Poverty In the World — Here Is How Metrics Are Crafted to Hide That Fact

A few weeks ago Matt Yglesias published a tweet (since deleted, which I don’t totally understand as I thought it was pretty innocuous from a Progressive viewpoint) saying that he wanted to spend more time focusing on “relative child poverty.” …

Australia wins third fossil award for reducing climate aid funding among trifecta of Fossil Awards for USA at COP25

On Monday December 9, Australia picked up it’s third Fossil of the Day award at this United Nationas climate conference COP25 meeting in Madrid. This award was goven to the USA and Australia for not contributing to the Green Climate…