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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Ray Buursma: Little hope for addressing global warming –

Failing to acknowledge the problem Most of us know the tale of the teacher who placed a frog in a pan of water for his students to observe. The water was cool, just the right temperature for the frog. Then…

Climate Change Henchmen: Storm, Flood, Heat, Smoke and Fire

As climate change strikes with ever greater ferocity, five henchmen dominate the news: Storm, Flood, Heat, Smoke and Fire. During the first 6 months of 2021, there have been 8 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disaster events across the United…

Earth’s energy imbalance removes almost all doubt from human-made climate change – NBC News

For decades, Earth’s energy system has been out of whack. Stability in Earth’s climate hinges on a delicate balance between the amount of energy the planet absorbs from the sun and the amount of energy Earth emits back into space….

Warming Trends: Couples Disconnected in Their Climate Concerns Can Learn About Global Warming Over 200 Year… – InsideClimate News

CULTURE Love Me, Love My Climate Concerns Couples in romantic relationships often don’t have the same beliefs or behaviors surrounding climate change. But that’s an opportunity for people who are concerned about climate change and favor climate action to convince…


The woman who predicted global warming in the 1800s – ThePrint

Representational image | Flickr Text Size: A- A+ Long before the current political divide over climate change, and even before the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865), an American scientist named Eunice Foote documented the underlying cause of today’s climate change crisis….

Simulating 195 Million Years of Global Climate in the Mesozoic – Eos

The Mesozoic, which stretched from about 252 million to 66 million years ago, was a pivotal period in Earth’s history. In addition to being the age of the dinosaurs, it was when the supercontinent Pangaea began to separate into the…

Summer and winter precipitation in East Asia scale with global warming at different rates | Communications Earth & Environment –

1. Gillett, N. P. et al. Attribution of polar warming to human influence. Nat. Geosci. 1, 750–754 (2008). CAS  Article  Google Scholar  2. Stocker, T. (ed.). Climate Change 2013: the Physical Science Basis: Working Group I Contribution to the Fifth…

Capturing Climate Change – IEEE Spectrum

This is part of IEEE Spectrum’s special report: Critical Challenges 2002: Technology Takes On The government of Tuvalu, a Pacific Island nation, made a plea last summer for countries to take in Tuvalu evacuees, fearing a rising sea level will…

Aerosols add a new wrinkle to climate change in the tropical Pacific Ocean – Yale News

A new Yale study suggests that aerosols in the atmosphere may be temporarily holding down ocean temperatures in the eastern equatorial Pacific. The findings, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, are an indication that the surprisingly modest warming observed…

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