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Clean-Burning Natural Gas Banned In New Buildings In Oakland, CA

In Oakland, a city in the state of California that has been plagued by a failing power infrastructure, the city council voted unanimously earlier this week to ban natural gas from all future constructed residential and commercial buildings. Developers can…

Drop in pandemic carbon dioxide emissions previews world of electric vehicles

When the San Francisco Bay Area mandated shelter-in-place March 16, it created a natural experiment for UC Berkeley’s Ron Cohen, who had established an inexpensive pollution sensor network in local neighborhoods. The sensors showed carbon dioxide emissions plummeting 25 percent in the subsequent six weeks, mostly because of a 48 percent drop in traffic. Networks like this — soon to be emplaced in Glasgow — can track greenhouse gases and progress toward lowering them, including the impact of electric vehicles.

Eco-Activists’ Well-Funded War On Pennsylvania’s Energy Industry

Summary: The Keystone State, an oil and natural gas powerhouse, is under siege by an alliance of well-organized, well-funded “green” activists. From cap-and-trade schemes meant to bleed ratepayers dry to fracking bans on one of Pennsylvania’s most vital industries, the…

Jerry Brown’s Answer To Calif. Blackouts: Turn Up Your Damn Thermostats!

It’s peak summer and hotter than the blazes up and down California. In some places, it is the blazes. And with the state’s greenie mandates, instead of nice air conditioning like other people have, rolling blackouts have begun, same as you…

Kamala’s Anti-Fracking Stance Is Biden’s Albatross In Swing States

Less than two hours after Kamala Harris was named Joe Biden’s running mate, President Donald Trump had cast the California Democrat as the oil industry and fracking foe. “She is against fracking. She’s against petroleum products,” Trump said at a…

‘Worst-case’ global warming scenario still best guide until 2050, study says – Climate Home

A ‘worst-case’ scenario of surging greenhouse gas emissions this century is still the ‘most useful choice’ for government planning until 2050 despite criticisms that it is alarmist, a US study said on Monday. The scenario of rising fossil fuel use,…

Policies to mitigate wildfire impacts have public health implications, amplified amid COVID

(PSE Healthy Energy) A review of the human health hazards, risks, and impacts of California wildfires, and impacts of policies aimed to prevent and mitigate wildfires to serve as a resource in the development and deployment of California wildfire management policies within a human health context.


Amazon and ERI Launch an Innovative Recycling Bin Program

Everyone should recycle as much as they can both at home and the office. Landfills are overflowing across the nation and each day more trash is generated. The Global E-Waste Statistics Partnership estimates that each US resident generates around 42 pounds of e-waste each year. Only 25 states have laws that mandate electronics recycling. Only […]

Ninth Circuit Revives Climate Litigation In California

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued two rulings in favor of California municipalities that are suing energy companies for alleged costs of combating climate change, allowing one case to proceed in state court while reversing the dismissal of another….