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Radical coffee cup design takes aim at plastic lids

The long, oft-contentious relationship between plastic lids and paper coffee cups may soon come to a welcome end. A new company called Unocup is securing financial backing through Kickstarter for an innovative paper coffee cup that ditches plastic and embraces…

Up, up and away with a Thanksgiving tradition

For pure, kitschy Americana, it’s tough to beat a huge, helium-filled cartoon character floating down the streets of New York City. Who among us doesn’t enjoy gawking at a Pillsbury doughboy so big that if he really was made of…

See it! Monday’s transit of Mercury

Click here for awesome photos from members of the EarthSky community of the November 11, 2019, transit of Mercury. It’ll be the last Mercury transit until 2032. A huge thank you to all who submitted to EarthSky Community Photos!

Cities Suing Over Climate Change Gave Investors, Courts Different Tales Of Risk

Climate activists don’t want to admit it, but there is a contradiction at the heart of many of the climate liability suits filed by various American cities against energy companies. Now a new report is out, analyzing the data and…

Al Roker Gushes Over Climate Change Exhibit Showing NYC 10 Feet Underwater

Late on Tuesday’s Today show, weatherman Al Roker took time to gush over an art exhibit he recently visited at Columbia University “simulating what our world might look like if sea level rise was up to 10 feet.” It was…


ADVOCACY: Activist climbs on British plane; others stop traffic in NYC

Protesters in New York City brought traffic to a standstill in the city’s busiest hub and an activist in London climbed atop a plane as climate change demonstrators entered the fourth day of rallies around the world yesterday.

Why Extinction Rebellion Is Occupying a NYC Park

Hundreds of climate protesters around the world were arrested Monday, kicking off Extinction Rebellion’s “International Rebellion,” two weeks of direct action and civil disobedience protests in 60 countries.  In London, protesters blocked all major roads around the Houses of Parliament,…

The Climate Strike Is All About Indoctrination, Not Science

Kids in the city will be missing school today for the nationwide “Climate Strike.” They might see it as a small sacrifice: Who needs an education to prepare for tomorrow when tomorrow is a dubious proposition? Truth is, they probably…