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Why you should watch out for nutrient thieves

It’s no surprise that cigarette smoking or living under constant stress are bad for your health, but did you know that one way they have a negative impact is by robbing you of needed nutrients? In fact, there are plenty…

Global climate frameworks miss the ‘big picture’ on food, say scientists

(International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)) Global schemes to fight climate change may miss their mark by ignoring the “fundamental connections” in how food is produced, supplied and consumed, say scientists in a new paper published in the journal Nature Food.

Press highlights for the 2020 American Chemical Society national meeting in Philadelphia

(American Chemical Society) Journalists may now apply for press credentials for the American Chemical Society Spring 2020 National Meeting & Exposition, one of the largest scientific conferences of the year. The meeting will be held March 22-26, 2020 in Philadelphia.

Lower meat consumption a key to fighting global warming, study says – Loma Linda University Health

A global transition to a vegetarian diet would have significant impacts in the battle against global warming and other environmental concerns, according to research conducted at Loma Linda University Health. Food production has been identified as a major contributor to…

An egg a day keeps the doctor away?

The debate over whether eggs are good or bad for you seems to be unending, but several recent studies score for the pro-egg team. Analyzing data from three large, long-term multinational studies, researchers from McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences…


Lower protein diet may lessen risk for cardiovascular disease

A plant-based diet may be key to lowering risk for heart disease. Researchers determined that diets with reduced sulfur amino acids — which occur in protein-rich foods, such as meats, dairy, nuts and soy — were associated with a decreased risk for cardiovascular disease. The team also found that the average American consumes almost two and a half times more sulfur amino acids than the estimated average requirement.

5 healthy dips for your Super Bowl party

What is it about the Super Bowl that makes us want to dip stuff? We dip hot wings in blue cheese dressing, chips in onion dip, pumpernickel bread in spinach dip, tortilla chips in queso, and vegetables in ranch dip….