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Balanced rocks set design ground motion values for New Zealand dam

(Seismological Society of America) For the first time, researchers have used precariously-balanced rocks to set the formal design earthquake motions for a major existing engineered structure–the Clyde Dam, the largest concrete dam in New Zealand.

Study presents new species of bizarre, extinct lizard previously misidentified as a bird

(Florida Museum of Natural History) An international research team has described a new species of Oculudentavis, providing further evidence that the animal first identified as a hummingbird-sized dinosaur was actually a lizard.

From the Right: the religion of climate change has several false prophets – Daily Commercial

As the Biden administration planners would like to spend billions of dollars to address climate change, it might be wise to look at the climate predictions over the past 50 years.  For the man-made climate change believers, let’s examine some of their past prophets. The Boston…

Biden’s ‘War On Energy’ Is The Real Threat To U.S. National Security

The Biden energy policy is not just radically naïve and economically destructive; it’s also dangerous. From placing constraints on drilling for oil and gas to stopping pipelines, the Biden policy puts America’s critical infrastructure at risk and the safety and…

Energy Infrastructure Terrorism Taking Root in Germany, Europe

Blackout News reports on how radical activists are attempting to paralyze the power supply in Germany. It’s already bad enough that the European power grid is already highly unstable and could collapse due to just minor disturbances, this in large…

ExxonMobil’s Neglected Shareholders Feeling The Heat

On May 26, over the objection of company management, two new directors were elected to ExxonMobil’s 12-member board. The Washington Post called it a “ratification of shareholders’ unhappiness with the way the company had been addressing climate change and its lagging financial performance.” Not…

Absorbent aerogels show some muscle

(Rice University) A simple chemical process developed at Rice University creates light and highly absorbent aerogels for environmental remediation or as membranes for batteries and other applications.

U.S. conservatives stake claim to climate activism with Miami rally – Reuters

Dark clouds are seen over Miami’s skyline before the arrival of Hurricane Irma to south Florida, U.S. September 9, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria For Benji Backer, being conservative means believing in limited government, market-based solutions — and the scientists who say…

Geologist identifies new form of quasicrystal

(University of Massachusetts Lowell) A UMass Lowell geologist is among the researchers who have discovered a new type of manmade quasicrystal created by the first test blast of an atomic bomb.