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The environmentalist’s apology: how Michael Shellenberger unsettled some of his prominent supporters

Few things engage a particular subset of conservative media more than an environmentalist having an apparent change of heart and dumping all over the “climate scare”. Earlier this week, the Australian newspaper ran an opinion piece that fitted this narrative…

Extinction Rebellion Spokeswoman Quits To Join Pro-Nuclear Group

Extinction Rebellion’s spokeswoman has quit the protest group to become a nuclear power campaigner. Zion Lights, 36, has left the climate change cause, which brought London to a standstill last year, to join pro-nuke outfit Environmental Progress. The former XR…


Let’s end Australia’s climate and energy warfare, Albanese tells Morrison

Anthony Albanese has dumped Labor’s former backing of Malcolm Turnbull’s national energy guarantee and opened the door for taxpayer support for carbon capture and storage technologies, in a major overture to Scott Morrison to reach bipartisan agreement on energy policy….

Why Nuclear Power Is Crucial To Our National Security

The world is facing a time of great uncertainty. Amidst a pandemic, a global recession, and immense civil unrest, we are seeing global democracy also come under attack. China is using the current state of the world as an opportunity…

Radioactive cloud over Europe had civilian background

(University of Münster) A mysterious cloud containing radioactive ruthenium-106, which moved across Europe in 2017, is still bothering Europe’s radiation protection entities. German researchers now found out that the cloud did not originate from military sources but rather from civilian nuclear activities. The study has been published in Nature Communications.

EU Recovery Fund Has Costly Green Strings Attached

The European Union’s proposed €750 billion ($829B) fund to help the bloc recover from the coronavirus crisis will have green strings attached, with 25% of all funding set aside for climate action, the European Commission has said. It’s now official:…

Canada Worsening Its Economy With Lonely Climate Change Battle

Canada has an urgent fiscal problem our government seems determined to worsen by continuing to wage its increasingly lonely battle against climate change. In the 78 years from Confederation to the end of the Second World War federal debt reached…

Biden’s Advisor Ocasio-Cortez Is Anti-Reliable Energy, Like Nuclear

One of the many things we can be grateful for in this current crisis is the reliability of the U.S. power grid — and our ability to still afford it. Unfortunately, one of those reliable energy producers has been shut…