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Nuclear Scientist: HBO’s Chernobyl More Fiction Than Fact

As a nuclear physicist, I can report that HBO’s Chernobyl was sensational fiction inspired by real events, not a factual documentary. Melting faces makes for riveting television but is no more realistic than the zombie cannibalism in the Walking Dead….

When Will Renewable Energy Prices Stop Dropping?

Some people have asked when the prices will stop falling. Their understanding is that the decline in price really is unpredictable, and they believe that no definitive answer can be made about what source of energy will be least expensive in the future. In some important ways, they are wrong. The declines are predictable, to a degree

DiCaprio’s ‘Ice On Fire’ Doc Is A Climate Alarmist’s Dream

Leonardo DiCaprio returns, not as a starring actor, but as producer and narrator of a new climate documentary. “Ice on Fire,” now available through HBO, covers what director Leila Conners and her team view as the existential “climate crisis” facing…

‘Green Energy’ Profiteers Need To Come Clean With Taxpayers, Voters

Xcel Energy out of Colorado is shutting down two coal-fired generating power plants in favor of the largest solar-plus storage project in the United States. This $2.5-billion “scheme” allowed only 11 companies to bid on the project out of 400…

Chernobyl shines again as a solar farm

On April 26, 1986, a dark cloud was cast upon the autonomous city of Pripyat and Chernobyl Raion, a now-vanquished administrative district just south of the Ukraine-Belarus border. While that figurative darkness will likely never fully dissipate, the sun itself…