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Social media and science show how ship’s plastic cargo dispersed from Florida to Norway

(University of Plymouth) Researchers from the University of Plymouth and the Lost at Sea Project combined sightings data reported by members of the public and oceanographic modelling tools to show how the cartridges reached their resting place.

Global glacier retreat has accelerated

(ETH Zurich) An international research team including scientists from ETH Zurich has shownthat almost all the world’s glaciers are becoming thinner and losing mass – andthat these changes are picking up pace. The team’s analysis is the most comprehensive and accurate of its kind to date.

Amazon, Unilever, and Nestlé join the UK, US and Norway in New $1Billion Initiative to Preserve Tropical Rainforests

This week, during the international Climate Summit, three governments and nine giant corporations announced a groundbreaking coalition, called LEAF, which is mobilizing to raise at least $1 billion this year, alone, for large-scale forest protection and sustainable development. The coalition already includes the governments of the UK, US, and Norway, and international companies, including Airbnb, […]

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New research uncovers continental crust emerged 500 million years earlier than thought

(European Geosciences Union) Researchers using a new method involving the mineral barite have dated the first emergence of continental crust to 500 million years earlier than previously thought. The results will be presented at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2021, which is taking place from 19-30 April 2021.

Saudi Arabia to join new forum on climate change – state news agency – Reuters

General view of Saudi Aramco’s Ras Tanura oil refinery and oil terminal in Saudi Arabia May 21, 2018. Picture taken May 21, 2018. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah/ Saudi Arabia will join the United States, Canada, Norway, and Qatar in forming a new…

Biden’s climate summit zeroes in on technology to help fight global warming – Reuters

U.S. President Joe Biden called on nations to work together on a transition to clean energy on Friday, the second and final day of a climate summit he hosted to rally world ambition to reduce global warming. “Nations that work…

Biden Touts Economic Benefits of Combating Climate Change – Voice of America

WASHINGTON – U.S. President Joe Biden joined business and union leaders Friday in touting the economic benefits of addressing global warming when he delivered remarks from the White House on the last day of a two-day virtual climate change summit….

Snow chaos in Europe caused by melting sea-ice in the Arctic

(UiT The Arctic University of Norway) The April snow falling on fruit blossoms in Europe these days may be directly connected to the loss of the sea ice in the Barents Sea in the Arctic.  That was definitely the case in 2018 when the sudden cold spell known as “Beast from the East” descended on the mid-latitudes of the continent,  a new study in Nature Geoscience shows.

The Climate Change Cash Grab – OZY

The desolate climate of the Arctic has historically made it a place of little economic significance. The Earth’s northernmost region is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the globe. The melting of Greenland’s glaciers, Arctic sea ice…