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Oil And Gas Firms Warn Of Complete Operational Collapse In North Sea

North Sea oil exploration firms have told the Treasury that they face going out of business due to the 75% windfall tax imposed on them in the Chancellor’s autumn statement. GB News economics and business editor Liam Halligan revealed that…

Global Warming: UK cops flak over carbon-neutral pledges – RTL Today

As world leaders and environmental experts meet at the COP27 climate change talks in Egypt, last year’s host Britain is under scrutiny about its commitment to tackling global warming. London has ambitious long-standing targets to help try to stop the…

As Brits Suffer Soaring Energy Prices, Sunak Doubles Down On COP27 Agenda

‘Crisis? What crisis?’ went the Sun’s famous headline, capturing Jim Callaghan’s complacency during the 1979 ‘Winter of Discontent.’ The UK was suffering from rampant inflation, strikes, and power blackouts. Callaghan had just returned from an international conference in Guadeloupe, tanned…

At COP27, World Leaders Urge Faster Action on Climate Change – The New York Times

SHARM EL SHEIKH — World leaders gathered Monday to wrestle with the crisis of climate change, amid a sea of other pressing challenges that threaten to set back already inadequate steps to pivot the global economy away from fossil fuels….

Survey: Healthy Skepticism Overcoming The Climate Fearmongers

A huge international survey measuring public concern about the threat of climate change appears to indicate growing skepticism across the globe. The Gallup Risk Poll, which questioned 125,000 people in 121 countries, reported that less than half of those surveyed saw anthropogenic climate change as a very serious threat….

As Other Global Crises Collide, Nations Converge to Address Climate Change – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — World leaders will gather in Egypt next week to confront climate change at a moment of colliding crises: a war in Europe that has upended energy markets, rising global inflation, deep political divisions in many countries and tension…

UK Trapped In A Green-Energy Cul-De-Sac

Often I have referred to the situation that the UK, Germany, California, and others have set themselves up for as “hitting the green energy wall.” But now that the UK has actually gotten there and has begun to deal with…

Rishi Sunak is ‘better news than Truss’ on climate change, but by how much? – Grist

Over the past several months, Britain has seen the death of a monarch, the proclamation of a new one, the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the election of his replacement, Liz Truss, who almost immediately sent the British…

First Wild Bison in 6,000 Years Born in the UK After Small Herd was Brought to Kent–Rangers Didn’t Know One was Pregnant

The first wild bison to be born in the UK in almost 6,000 years has been announced just months after a small herd was brought to Kent in England. The Wilder Blean project near Canterbury only released the bison into the wild in July—and organizers got the surprise of a lifetime, because one of the […]

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