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Climate Science Riddled With Dishonesty, Incompetence, And Fear

The absolute worst case of professional incompetence and dishonesty is in the area of climate science. Tony Heller has exposed some of the egregious dishonesty of mainstream environmentalists in a video he’s titled: “My Gift To Climate Alarmists.” Environmentalists and…

Arctic Ocean November 2019

On November 16, 2019, there was little sea ice between Greenland and Svalbard. For reference, the image below has been added, showing coastlines for the same area. The image on the right shows that the average air temperature (2 m)…

Brief but potent meteor outburst expected November 21-22

Exciting news! Some lucky observers may catch a brief outburst of alpha Monocerotid meteors this Thursday night (or Friday morning). And we do mean brief. Peak activity – a rate of 400 meteors per hour – is expected to last 15 to 40 minutes.

They're growing what? Hatcheries expand their mission beyond fish

Service hatcheries expand their mission By Mark Davis, public affairs specialistNovember 6, 2019 In Virginia and South Carolina hatcheries, biologists keep a close eye on shad and striped bass while taking time to focus on something that will never wear…

The unexpectedly weird and beautiful world of lichens

Lichen is something we commonly see growing on rocks or tree branches, on old wood fences and rotting stumps. But how often do you stop to really ponder lichens? Probably not often. And yet lichens are surprisingly fascinating … and…


Bigger doesn’t mean better for hatchery-released salmon

A recent study examines hatchery practices in regards to how Chinook salmon hatcheries in the PNW are affecting wild populations over the past decades. Over 65 years, Chinook salmon hatcheries in the PNW have skewed towards releasing larger fish that are more easily preyed upon.


For some urban areas, a warming climate is only half the threat

A new study projects that the growth of urban areas in the coming decades will trigger ”extra” warming due to a phenomenon known as the urban heat island effect (UHI). According to their findings, urban expansion will cause the average summer temperature in these areas to increase about 0.5 to 0.6 degrees C — but up to 3 degrees C in some locations. 

N. Hemisphere In Hypothermic Shock! Record Cold, ‘Historic Snowstorms’

Winter hasn’t even officially arrived, but already large areas of the northern hemisphere are seeing “historic snowfalls,” frigid temperatures, and even avalanche alarms. The Northern Hemisphere has certainly caught a major cold, one certainly not caused by the human CO2…