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Nobel Prize

Debunking The 97% Climate Consensus Myth Touted By Activists, Media

CCD Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpted chapter from Lynne Balzer’s new book, The Green New Deal and Climate Change: What You Need to Know, available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. MYTH: A 97% consensus [agreement] of scientists say…

UH Law Center shares European Commission award for climate change work

(University of Houston) The European Commission has awarded a three-year energy research grant to the Environment, Energy & Natural Resources Center at the University of Houston Law Center and the French Universite Jean Moulin Lyon III.


A molecular ‘atlas’ of animal development

Scientists have studied the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans for decades, making essential contributions to basic science. In the latest milestone, scientists used cutting-edge technology to individually profile the genes expressed in more than 80,000 cells in a developing C. elegans embryo.

What’s Really Driving The Well-Orchestrated Climate Hysteria Machine

We know there is simply no basis for climate alarm. All “scientific” predictions have failed, life has survived happily with much higher CO2 in the past, the medieval warming period a thousand years ago was much warmer than today, the…

UT Dallas engineer earns Young Investigator Award for water-harvesting work

(University of Texas at Dallas) Dr. Simon Dai, assistant professor of mechanical engineering in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas, has been awarded a three-year grant to advance technology he has developed to harvest clean water from the air without using external energy.

Explainer: The high-emissions ‘RCP8.5’ global warming scenario – Carbon Brief

A sizeable portion of recent studies on future climate impacts have focused on a warming scenario called “RCP8.5”. This high-emissions scenario is frequently referred to as “business as usual”, suggesting that is a likely outcome if society does not make…

Global Warming? An Israeli Astrophysicist Provides Alternative View That Is Not Easy To Reject – Forbes

Global warming and post apocalyptic future. Climate change and melting of glaciers. Statue of Liberty collapses under water and new New York city skyline on an artificial island. Perhaps the catastrophic predictions are overblown. Getty The U.S. auto industry and…

Searching for aliens in the town with no WiFi

Wondering what “Atlanta to Appalachia” is all about? It’s part of an occasional series about life in the wilds of West Virginia through the eyes of a couple who never dreamed they’d love it there. Read previous installments here. *…