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POLITICS: White House recruited climate critics for NOAA

At least three prominent researchers who question the severity of climate change rebuffed offers by the White House to take a senior position at NOAA. The job went to an academic who rejects the basic principles of climate science.

Are there active geysers at Enceladus’ north pole?

Water-vapor geysers erupt from cracks at the south pole of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Scientists using Cassini data now have evidence for fresh ice at the moon’s north pole, too. Could it be more geysers for this fascinating ice moon?

The evidence is compelling on human activity as the principal cause of global warming – Yale Climate Connections

Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius (Inset image credit: Photogravure Meisenbach Riffarth & Co. Leipzig / Wikipedia) In our previous essay in this series, we showed that the global average temperature has increased since early in the industrial revolution, rising at an…

Climate Hustle 2: Premiering Today At 8 P.M.

Weekly, daily, even hourly, we are told that global temperatures are rising, ice caps are melting, and hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, and droughts are all getting more frequent, intense, and destructive because of climate change. Not just climate change, of…

Post-Tropical Storm Teddy in NASA Newfoundland nighttime view

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite provided an infrared image of Post-tropical cyclone Teddy over the province of Newfoundland, Canada in the early morning hours of Sept. 24, 2020.

‘Wildfires Are Greenie Fires’: How To Counter Climate Extremists

Among the top Google News search results today for the term “climate crisis” is an article by EcoWatch titled “‘Wildfires Are Climate Fires’: How to Discuss the Climate Crisis.” For climate realists seeking to counter propaganda with the truth, try…

As Crops Set Records, WaPo Claims Climate Change Is Killing The Farm Belt

Today my Google search of “climate change” turned up this fact-challenged story from the Washington Post, “Climate change is killing the farm belt. With a little help, farmers can fix it.” The author writes, “The Great Plains is in the…