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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Costly Global Warming Effects vs. Cool & Fun Global Warming Solutions – CleanTechnica

In part one of this two-part examination of global warming, we presented evidence that global warming has caused unprecedented melting of ice on Greenland, glaciers around the world, and the Arctic Ocean. In part 2, we present evidence that global…

Deserted Factories Show How China’s Electric Car Boom Went Overboard

Visitors to Byton Ltd.’s website are greeted with color-saturated images of shiny electric cars gliding along manicured streets. Those paying a visit to the automaker’s factory in Nanjing, eastern China may be less impressed. (Pictured: deserted EV factories in Nanjing)…

Ignore The Hype. Electric Cars Are Going Nowhere Fast

Politicians have long championed the electric car. But now the House of Commons Transport Select Committee has raised serious concerns about their widespread use. According to these MPs, electric cars could place so much demand on the National Grid that…

Researchers Have Found That Listening to Natural Sounds Like Running Water Benefits Human Health

Beyond the visual beauty of their protected landscapes, U.S. National Parks also contain natural soundscapes that have the potential to create desirable health outcomes in people. This finding is part of a large, recently published meta-analysis examining the impact of natural audio on visitors’ biomarkers—which looked at dozens of different scientific papers on the subject. […]

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Why I Regret Buying An Electric Car

I bought an electric car and wish I hadn’t. It seemed a good idea at the time, albeit a costly way of proclaiming my environmental virtuousness. The car cost €44,000 ($53,000), less a €6,000 ($7,200) subsidy courtesy of French taxpayers,…

‘Going Green’ Risks Destroying The British Car Industry

To my mind, Boris Johnson’s announcement of the ban on the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 – just ten years off ­– is one of the most significant political decisions in modern times. It says…

US Tesla Sales Up 22% In 3rd Quarter, US Auto Sales Down 9%

As everyone knows, the automobile industry has been slammed in 2020, including in the United States. Below is a look at third quarter auto sales across the country as well as auto sales in the first three quarters of the year

UK September EV Market Share Hits 10.5%, Up 3x Year-On-Year

The UK’s September plugin electric vehicle market share hit 10.5%, the highest ever level in “normal” (non-lockdown) trading months, up almost 3x from September 2019’s 3.7%. The overall auto market was down just 4.4% from September 2019, with diesels taking a massive 38.4% hit. September’s 10.5% combined plugin share was dominated by full battery electrics [&hellip

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