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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Journalists Are Making The Same Mistake With Dietary Change They Made With Climate Change: Study – Forbes

There is strong evidence, and little debate, that first-world diets need to shift away from meat and … [+] toward plants, scientists say in a new study. (Photo by Rita Franca/NurPhoto via Getty Images) NurPhoto via Getty Images Scientists agree…

Big Oil’s new strategy in climate cases: Cite Captain Planet – E&E News

The oil and gas industry is citing “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in an effort to dismiss one of nearly two dozen lawsuits that accuse the industry of deceiving the public about the dangers…


Government Initiatives Aim to Make Recycling Easier

A stunning 292.4 million tons of waste was generated in 2018, which breaks down to almost 5 pounds per person every day. Of that waste, 94 million tons were recycled or composted.  What happens to the rest?Over 146 million tons end up in landfills.About 35 million tons is burned to create a source of energy.The […]

Can Wolves and Beavers Help Save the West From Global Warming? – InsideClimate News

Restoring and protecting beaver and wolf populations and reducing cattle grazing across large tracts of the western United States could be a big part of meeting President Joe Biden’s goal of conserving at least 30 percent of the country’s lands,…

How climate change spurs megadroughts – Grist

On an afternoon in late June, the San Luis Reservoir — a 9-mile lake about an hour southeast of San Jose, California — shimmered in 102-degree heat. A dusty, winding trail led down into flatlands newly created by the shrinking…

UK Govt Pours Cold Water On Media’s Hot Weather Alarmism: ‘Enjoy The Beach’

A war over the weather has blown over the United Kingdom, with media outlets giving this week’s heatwave urgent, alarming coverage, but government spokesmen are saying to take sensible precautions but enjoy the good weather. [bold, links added] While the…

How Businesses Can Hold Their Banks Accountable on Climate Change – Daily

Companies are under scrutiny for how major banks that they partner with are financing carbon-intensive projects. How can companies wishing to be “green” respond? One solution is to switch to a low-carbon bank if possible. But a better hope is…

While Building New Industrial Park Crew Stumbles on ‘Remarkable’ 1,400-yo Ruins of Maya City

“It is more important to preserve the Maya legacy,” says Mauricio Montalvo, property owner of industrial park that had to be delayed due to the discovery of a large Mayan settlement from around 600 CE. Filled with plazas, pyramids, and a natural sinkhole called a cenote which tend to feature in Mayan settlements, there may have […]

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Want to reach skeptics? Researchers suggest leaving the term “climate change” out of some news coverage – Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard

If newsrooms want climate science skeptics to read and share news about climate change, researcher Renita Coleman recommends they do this: Leave the terms “climate change” and “global warming” out of their coverage. “Research seems to indicate those are trigger…

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