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“Magic sand” might help us understand the physics of granular matter

(Tokyo Metropolitan University) Tokyo, Japan – Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have studied the properties of mixtures of silicone-coated “magic sand”, a popular kid’s toy, and normal sand. Silicone-coated sand particles were found to interact with each other only, and not with other sand particles. The team discovered that adding silicone-coated sand beyond a certain threshold leads to an abrupt change in clustering and rigidity, a simple, useful way to potentially tune the flow of granular materials for industry.

Energy shift a threat to Louisiana, global warming not as much, says Times-Picayune Power Poll –

If Louisiana is counting on surviving the transition from oil and gas to renewable energy without major economic damage, it might be drilling a dry hole, according to The Times-Picayune Power Poll. Two thirds of Power Poll members put the state’s…

Len Calderone: Can we stop global warming? | Catoosa Walker News | – Northwest Georgia News

Second of two articles Can we really be energy independent using alternative energy like President Biden wants us to believe? Can alternative energy save the planet? President Biden thinks so as he signed us back into the Paris Accord. The…

Commentary: “Climate activist helps Catholic Church combat global warming” – NBC2 News

Wow! That’s some title, isn’t it? It’s from a major piece in the February 8, 2021 issue of The New Yorker. Promised Land is its title, under the rubric of ‘Annals of Geography’ by New Yorker writer of thirty years’…

Pandemic Has Created a Generation of Schoolchildren More Interested in STEM Careers Than Ever, Poll Says

The pandemic has created a generation of schoolchildren interested in a career in science, technology, engineering, and manufacturing—a new poll has revealed. A survey of 1,000 kids aged 11-17 revealed 83% have been learning about the pandemic by watching the news—with 71% asking their parents about the virus because they’re interested. Two-thirds have also been […]

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These Floating Islands Will Form a ‘Parkipelago’ in Copenhagen’s Harbor

The Scandinavian countries are famous for their bays, and Copenhagen harbor in Denmark’s capital is a perfect example of that beauty in a metropolitan setting. Now a new architecture project drifting in the harbor’s waters celebrates this heritage while allowing residents to relax away from the boom of urban development along the shoreline. A series […]

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Ocean would rise despite man-made global warming – Maui News

I am writing in regard to the recent article in The Maui News regarding sea level rise and erosion (Feb. 27). Changes in sea level are a fact of nature and it becomes a pointless exercise to fight what is…

Report: China Was Only Major Economic Power To Increase CO2 Emissions In 2020

Bloomberg Opinion columnist David Fickling noted Wednesday that while China makes all sorts of grandiose promises about reaching “net zero” carbon emissions by 2060, it was the only major economic power in the world that increased pollution in 2020. That…


UNITED KINGDOM: Climate advocates ring alarm after budget falls short

In a year when the U.K. is hosting global climate talks and pressing others to adopt more ambitious goals, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak offered little in the way of fresh cash or ideas in his budget.