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How ‘Milk Soup’ Helped Stop a War From Ever Taking Place (WATCH)

Food has a magnificent reputation for bringing people together—and according to the history books, it even has a reputation for preventing wars. Back in 1529, an army of Catholic infantrymen were facing off against an army of Protestants during the Reformation of Switzerland. Though the conflict has been called the “First War of Kappel”, no […]

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Poor and Rich Face Economic Loss as World Warms

Yet another study predicts economic loss as the world gets hotter.  And the richer nations will also feel the pain. By the close of the century, the United States could be more than 10% poorer, thanks to the economic loss…

NASA: Amazon Wildfire Activity Slightly Below Average This Year

Short summary: We have had wildfires for many years now in the Amazon, even in the tropical rainforest – mainly started by humans for forest clearing and ranching. It is not enough to impact significantly on the Paris agreement pledges…

Rayvolt Tapped To Supply Barcelona-Based Scooter & Bike Sharing Network YEGO

CleanTechnica visited Barcelona to get the inside scoop on ebike upstart Rayvolt and we happened upon some exciting news about the company building custom bikes for local bike and scooter sharing network YEGO. Rayvolt has been tapped by Barcelona-based scooter and bike sharing network YEGO to build a custom ebike and standing electric scooter to be used on the YEGO network

Brazil: Bolsonaro Suggests NGOs Started Amazon Wildfires After Funding Cuts

CCD Ed.: The National Institute for Space Research (Inpe) noted that the number of fires was not in line with those normally reported during the dry season, adding: “There is nothing abnormal about the climate this year or the rainfall in…

6 foods more likely than chicken to harbor salmonella

Most of us take precautions in our kitchens against salmonella poisoning from chicken. We wipe up any raw juices on our countertop, wash cutting boards thoroughly and cook chicken all the way through, until it’s no longer pink. This helps…

Climate Activists Erupt After DNC Officials Reject Global Warming Debate

Climate activists associated with the Sunrise Movement shouted down members of the Democratic National Committee after they rejected a proposal to host a single-issue debate on global warming. Several people associated with the group interrupted the DNC meeting, singing the…

To fight climate change, we may have to return to the age of airships

At this point, staving off climate change is probably not a matter of gentle tweaks and nudges. We may have to give up cars completely. And our diets are in for a major overhaul. But one proposal floated by Austrian…