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New Mexico

‘Megadrought’ in West directly linked to climate change, experts say – ABC News

Significant drought relief is becoming more difficult due to warming. June 17, 2021, 11:22 AM • 8 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article The “megadrought” that’s plaguing much of the western U.S. is a direct consequence of…

Opinion | To Fight Climate Change, Replace Fossil Fuels at Home and Work – The New York Times

Our future depends on our acting now to confront the climate crisis by enacting policies to convert our economy from fossil fuels to clean energy. By making this switch, we will also create millions of new jobs, save American households…

Geologist identifies new form of quasicrystal

(University of Massachusetts Lowell) A UMass Lowell geologist is among the researchers who have discovered a new type of manmade quasicrystal created by the first test blast of an atomic bomb.

How to slow threats posed by global warming – taosnews

Decisions made and actions taken today will shape the world of 2100. Our planet has been warming dramatically since the 1850s because human activity has been putting a blanket of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That insulating blanket must be…

Did Earth’s early rise in oxygen help multicellular life evolve?

(Georgia Institute of Technology) Georgia Tech researchers find that oxygenation of Earth’s surface is key to the evolution of large, complex multicellular organisms. If cells can access oxygen, they get a big metabolic benefit. However, when oxygen is scarce, it can’t diffuse very far into organisms, so there is an evolutionary incentive for multicellular organisms to be small to ensure most of their cells can still access oxygen.


NEW MEXICO: FWS to review rare plants amid oil and gas fight

The Fish and Wildlife Service will take a closer look at two rare plants found only in northwestern New Mexico to see whether they warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act as environmentalists push to stop oil and gas development in the region.

Flatfish got weird fast due to evolutionary cascade

(Rice University) Flatfishes rapidly evolved into the most asymmetric vertebrates by changing multiple traits at once, according to a new Rice University study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.