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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Clean Water Act changes put wetlands in the crosshairs

The Trump administration has finalized its deconstruction of clean water rules that buffered streams and wetlands from some forms of pollution. As a result, polluters will no longer need a permit to discharge potentially harmful substances into these bodies of…

Climate change: Phoenix, Arizona’s worst-case heat wave could harm thousands –

To live in the 21st century is to live with the threat of weather growing more and more wicked. Droughts, heat waves, and wildfires are growing more intense and dangerous from global warming and rising greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, we’re…

NYTimes Discovers Summer Desert Is Hot, Blames Climate Change

Perhaps the goal of climate hysteria-mongers isn’t really to save the planet at all, but to drown it in so much nonsense that rational people grow weary of fighting the New World Order they are attempting to impose upon us….

Extinct Caribbean bird yields DNA after 2,500 years in watery grave

(Florida Museum of Natural History) Scientists have recovered the first genetic data from an extinct bird in the Caribbean, thanks to the remarkably preserved bones of a Creighton’s caracara from a flooded sinkhole on Great Abaco Island.

Top 10 Solar Energy Projects Around the World

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Slowly but surely, solar energy is making progress as a legitimate form of energy. Not only are governments using it to harness power for their respective municipalities, but, in addition, private businesses are using it to cut down on energy costs.  As such, more and more solar energy projects are popping up throughout the world, some of […]

The post Top 10 Solar Energy Projects Around the World appeared first on Earthava.