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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Hey, AOC, California Wildfires Look Like Dereliction Of Duty Not Climate Change

Once again California is burning. We have been here before. Why are we back? “This is what climate change looks like” tweeted liberal Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sharing images of a burning state and showing support for her Green New Deal, the…

Safeguarding our water supply

(University of Delaware) University of Delaware environmental engineer Chin-Pao Huang has been studying ways to remove perchlorate from drinking water for nearly a decade. Now, Huang and Po-Yen Wang, a former doctoral student, have patented a novel membrane that can selectively filter perchlorate from drinking water.

In the Mountains, Climate Change Is Disrupting Everything, from How Water Flows to When Plants Flower – InsideClimate News

LEADVILLE, Colorado — With ominous orange-gray smoke clouds seething on the western horizon, it’s easy to understand how Colorado’s highest city and other mountain communities are directly threatened by global warming. Mountain snowpack is shrinking and melting earlier in the spring….

Shrinking water supply puts Mojave Desert birds on the brink – Los Angeles Times

Bird populations in the Mojave Desert have collapsed over the last century, and now scientists say they know why: The animals’ bodies can’t cope with the hotter and drier weather brought on by global warming. The discovery, described this week…

Bizarre autumn snowstorm blasts western U.S.

[embedded content] We’re only a few days into autumn and several feet of snow have fallen in the northern Rockies and across western parts of the U.S., including Montana, Washington and Oregon. In Montana, where some areas received as much…

The world's largest privately owned giant sequoia forest may soon be protected

A conservation group has reached a $15.65 million deal to buy the largest privately owned giant sequoia grove left on Earth, an ancient forest with hundreds of the endangered redwood trees, which can live for 3,000 years and rise nearly…