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Tesla Model 3 = 3rd Best Selling Vehicle In The Netherlands In July

Led by the Tesla Model 3, the Dutch plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market grew 73% in July, with 2,372 plug-in registrations, which translated into a PEV share of 7%. For January through July, PEV share was at 8.6%, well above the 6% of


Geothermal-powered bus station will use anti-smog blocks to fight pollution

The Polish city of Lublin will soon be home to an environmentally friendly bus station that not only offers a new and attractive public space, but also combats urban air pollution. Designed by Polish architectural firm Tremend, the Integrated Intermodal Metropolitan Station in Lublin will be built near the train station and aims to revitalize the area around the railway station. The contemporary design, combined with its environmental focus and green features, earned the project a spot on World Architecture…

Arctic Sea-Ice Loss Has Little Effect On Severe Cold Winters, Study Shows

The dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice through climate change has only a “minimal influence” on severe cold winter weather across Asia and North America, new research has shown. The possible connection between Arctic sea-ice loss and extreme cold weather—such…

Top 10 Solar Energy Projects Around the World

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Slowly but surely, solar energy is making progress as a legitimate form of energy. Not only are governments using it to harness power for their respective municipalities, but, in addition, private businesses are using it to cut down on energy costs.  As such, more and more solar energy projects are popping up throughout the world, some of […]

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Gauging trees’ potential to slow global warming – Stanford University News

Like the eponymous character in Shel Silverstein’s classic children’s tale, trees are generous with their gifts, cleaning the air we breathe and slowing the ravages of global warming by absorbing about a quarter of all human-caused carbon dioxide emissions. But…