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More Green Blackouts Ahead As Biden’s Regulators Ignore Grid’s Vulnerability

You’d think the Texas blackouts would trigger some soul-searching about the vulnerability of America’s electrical grid. Not in today’s hothouse of climate politics. The Biden Administration is already moving to stop an examination of grid vulnerability to promote unreliable renewable…

Texas blackouts show power grid can’t handle climate change – Los Angeles Times

When a few hundred thousand California homes and businesses lost power for several hours last summer, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wrote that the Golden State “is now unable to perform even basic functions of civilization, like having reliable electricity.” What…

How one tiny country is beating the pandemic and climate change – Grist

Get weekly climate politics updates from Grist Subscribe to The First 100 The small Himalayan country of Bhutan, mainly known for measuring national happiness instead of GDP, is the only carbon-negative country on the planet. Believe it or not, it…


Why Are Some Curbside Services No Longer Accepting Glass?

Tucson is one of many cities that have scrapped curbside glass recycling. Starting February 1st, Tucson residents have to drive miles to one of the city’s glass recycling facilities with their boxes or bags of glass bottles and containers. Why are so many cities turning their backs on curbside glass recycling?It comes down to money. […]

Shining a light on the true value of solar power

(Michigan Technological University) Utility companies have worried that solar panels drive up electric costs for the people who don’t have panels. Michigan Tech renewable energy researchers show the opposite is actually true — grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) owners are actually subsidizing their non-PV neighbors.

Climate change in antiquity: mass emigration due to water scarcity

(University of Basel) The absence of monsoon rains at the source of the Nile was the cause of migrations and the demise of entire settlements in the late Roman province of Egypt. This demographic development has been compared with environmental data for the first time by professor of ancient history, Sabine Huebner of the University of Basel – leading to a discovery of climate change and its consequences.

There Are 300 Million Potentially Habitable Planets in the Milky Way, NASA Reports

Since astronomers confirmed the presence of planets beyond our solar system, called exoplanets, humanity has wondered how many could harbor life. Now, we’re one step closer to finding an answer. According to new research using data from NASA’s retired planet-hunting mission, the Kepler space telescope, about half the stars similar in temperature to our Sun […]

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Reverse engineering 3D chromosome models for individual cells

A new computational technique that uses heat map data to reverse engineer highly detailed models of chromosomes and researchers have uncovered new information about the close spatial relationships that chromatin folding creates between genes.

Pandas’ popularity not protecting neighbors

Doubt is cast on the long-held hope that the conservation protections granted pandas and other adored threatened species extended to their wildlife neighbors, calling for broader conservation efforts.