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Climate Change Resilience: Northern Red Sea Corals Pass Heat Stress Test With Flying Colors – SciTechDaily

The aquarium system in which scientists submitted Northern red sea corals to various temperatures. Credit: Maoz Fine EPFL scientists are beginning to understand why corals in the Gulf of Aqaba, along with their symbiotic algae and bacteria, resist higher temperatures…

U.S. Donation Kicks Off Landmine Clearing in One of the Largest Conservation Areas in the World

A new project to demine seven million square meters of land, including a critical area inside the largest contiguous wildlife area in the world, is underway, thanks to a grant from the U.S. Government. Removing the landmines laid four decades ago will help protect African species such as elephants, pangolins, and lions in a wildlife […]

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Natural radio signal buzzes in Venus’ atmosphere

New measurements from Parker Solar Probe – the first new direct measurements of Venus’ atmosphere in nearly 30 years – showed an unexpected natural radio signal being emitted by Venus’ ionosphere. The probe made the discovery while using Venus as a “gravity slingshot” to come closer to the sun.

Clue to killer whale cluster

(Flinders University) A Flinders University researcher has finally fathomed why large numbers of killer whales gather at a single main location off the Western Australian southern coastline every summer. In a new paper published in Deep Sea Research, physical oceanographer Associate Professor Jochen Kampf describes the conditions which have produced this ecological natural wonder of orcas migrating to the continental slope near Bremer Bay in the western Great Australian Bight from late austral spring to early autumn (January-April).

New low-cost solutions could save sea turtles from a climate change-induced sex crisis | TheHill – The Hill

Because of global warming, most newborn sea turtles are female, which could put their long-term survival at risk. New research reveals that in addition to more widely used techniques such as shading and irrigation, the splitting of the turtle nests,…

Empowering Women to Combat Climate Change – Morocco World News

Spread the love Climate change is likely the most urgent crisis facing us in the 21st century. Rising temperatures are causing increasingly frequent and severe natural disasters, more droughts and heat waves, precipitation changes, and sea level rise. Consequently, this…

Flash Flood Risk May Triple Across Third Pole Due to Global Warming – Mirage News

Chinese Academy of Sciences An international team led by researchers from the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography (XIEG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Geneva has found that flash floods may triple across the Earth’s…

Texas Advances Legislation Protecting Oil And Gas From Climate Schemes

Two bills that were advanced by the Texas Legislature this week attempt to protect the state’s oil and gas industry from efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The House on Tuesday gave its final approval to Senate Bill 13, which…