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Allies? John Kerry To Turn Up Climate Heat On Australian Government

The orthodoxy that Joe Biden’s executive team will make Australia comfortable is spectacularly wrong in one respect: the appointment of former secretary of state and presidential nominee John Kerry as special envoy for the climate. There is one certainty. Kerry…

Gutfeld Rips John Kerry As Climate Czar: ‘Biden Mistook Him For A Tree’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld Tuesday dismissed President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks and said he selected former Secretary of State John Kerry as his “climate czar because he mistook him for a tree.” “First there’s Kerry — what the morticians…

Biden Appoints John Kerry As Climate Czar, NSC Council

Former Vice President Joe Biden has released the first round of individuals he would choose for his Cabinet and other high profile administration positions. Former Secretary of State John Kerry is on the list and plans to serve as Biden’s…

New tool to combat terrorism

(Flinders University) Forensic science experts at Flinders University are refining an innovative counter-terrorism technique that checks for environmental DNA in the dust on clothing, baggage, shoes or even a passport. “This microscopic environmental trace evidence, based on soil geochemical, bacterial and fungal analysis would complement and enhance current forensic intelligence tools,” lead researcher Dr Jennifer Young says in new research in Forensic Science International: Genetics.


TRANSITION: Climate hawks prep DOD for Biden transfer

At least two of the people President-elect Joe Biden has tapped to run the transition at the Defense Department have warned about the destabilizing impact of climate change on national security.

What Will A Biden-Harris Win Mean For Energy?

…As the 2020 presidential election campaign drew to a close, it became apparent that enthusiasm among Democrats to ban fracking for oil and gas production might cost them the all-important state of gas-rich Pennsylvania and stifle any dreams of putting…

Study reveals how to improve natural gas production in shale

(DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory) A new hydrocarbon study contradicts conventional wisdom about how methane is trapped in rock, revealing a new strategy to more easily access the valuable energy resource.

UK Faces Blackouts As Wind Farms Fail To Deliver On Energy Promises

For the second time in weeks, National Grid has warned that Britain’s big onshore and offshore wind farms will be failing to deliver, generating only about 2.5 GW today because of low wind speeds. In the meantime, the costs of…