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We need a new approach to UK resilience — leading Cranfield academics

(Cranfield University) Leading academics from across Cranfield University are calling for a new approach to UK resilience. Writing in today’s Financial Times, the academics believe that as well as lessons learnt from the response to COVID-19 there is a much wider lesson to be learnt about how the UK identifies, prepares and responds to threats and risks, such as to our safety, our national security and from climate change.


I spent over 40 years in the Australian defence force. Our lack of preparedness concerns me | Chris Barrie

The past 18 years has been a period of significant disengagement and disinterest by the community in Australian political affairs. The political shenanigans described in Malcolm Turnbull’s recent book A Bigger Picture ought to be a wake-up call that as…

Coastal engineers: ‘Thinkers’ facing rising seas

(World Scientific) This timely book offers a compendium of design alternatives to reduce coastal flood and wave damage, erosion, and loss of ecosystems resulting from rising seas. A design ‘philosophy’ for water levels to year 2050 and to 2100 is included. Today’s designs must mitigate today’s storm damages and be adaptable for the unpredictable water levels and storms of the future. Online students and engineers working from home can opt for the e-book edition.

Dems Shouldn’t Cheer For The Energy Industry’s Demise

Petroleum and natural gas industries that provide about 85% of America’s energy (with wind and solar constituting barely over 3%) are under siege by adversaries — both foreign and domestic. The first major assault was launched by a no-winner dispute…

El Niño-linked decreases in soil moisture could trigger massive tropical-plant die offs

(DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory) New research has found that El Niño events are often associated with droughts in some of the world’s more vulnerable tropical regions. Associated with warmer than average ocean temperatures in the eastern Pacific, El Niños can in turn influence global weather patterns and tropical precipitation, and these changes can lead to massive plant die-offs if other extreme factors are also at play.


PANDEMIC: How meat became ‘critical’ to national security

The president’s decision to make meatpacking plants a critical component of the nation’s security followed years of industry lobbying. That put political influence ahead of health considerations during the pandemic, experts say.

Water is key in catalytic conversion of methane to methanol

(DOE/Brookhaven National Laboratory) Scientists reveal new details that explain how a highly selective catalyst converts methane, the main component of natural gas, to methanol, an easy-to-transport liquid fuel and feedstock for making plastics, paints, and other commodity products. The findings could aid the design of even more efficient/selective catalysts to make methane conversion an economically viable and environmentally attractive alternative to venting or flaring ‘waste’ gas.

Advancing high temperature electrolysis: Splitting water to store energy as hydrogen

(DOE/Idaho National Laboratory) Recently, researchers at Idaho National Laboratory developed a new electrode material for an electrochemical cell that can efficiently convert excess electricity and water into hydrogen. When demand for electricity increases, the electrochemical cell is reversible, converting hydrogen back into electricity for the grid. The hydrogen could also be used as fuel for heat, vehicles or other applications.

Rick Perry Is Sending Up Flares About America’s Energy Sector

The nation is grappling with a virus that the White House coronavirus task force is warning could kill as many as 240,000 Americans. The economy has come to a grinding halt, and now, former Energy Secretary Rick Perry has another…

‘Conservative’ WaPo Writer Uses Virus To Spew Climate Agitprop

Looks like eco-extremists in the liberal media aren’t the only ones who’ll use the coronavirus pandemic to push their climate change talking points. Now, The Washington Post’s self-proclaimed “conservative” opinion writer is using the pandemic to spew the same eco-propaganda…