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Otherworldly Scenes Show Plants Breathing in Close-Up Detail: A Long Sought Discovery

It looks like a scene from a horror movie, but eerie research shows plants breathing in close-up detail. A new study reveals biologists are gaining new insight into the intricate process, with big implications for how to feed the world in the future. Researchers from UC San Diego, Estonia, and Finland, funded by the U.S. […]

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Meet the Professor Leading Local Climate Change Education – Washingtonian

Even if you did know the address of Ed Maibach’s office, you could walk right past it without a second thought. It’s in an anonymous-­looking building in a perfectly ordinary stretch of the Virginia suburbs. The indistinct setting suits Maibach,…

Earth’s Warming Hole – Is It an Indication of an Impending Climate Change Catastrophe? – SciTechDaily

Despite global warming, a section of the North Atlantic Ocean, known as the warming hole, has been observed to cool. University of Miami researchers discover that a swath of cooling water in the subpolar region is unrelated to an ocean…

Can Insects Survive the Temperature Swings of Climate Change? – Northeastern University

The swings in temperature that accompany global warming could spell trouble for insect populations the world relies on for pollination and food production.  A paper led by Northeastern doctoral student Kate Duffy and published in an October edition of Nature…

Heat Waves Have Cost World Economy Trillions of Dollars – Dartmouth News

Massive economic losses due to sweltering temperatures brought on by human-caused climate change are not just a problem for the distant future. A Dartmouth study published Oct. 28 in the journal Science Advances has found that more severe heat waves resulting from…

How Decades of Hard-Earned Protections and Restoration Reversed the Collapse of California’s Treasured Mono Lake – InsideClimate News

The Water Desk, An initiative of the Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado, Boulder, supported research and reporting for this story. LEE VINING, Calif.—When Rose Nelson camped along lower Rush Creek in the summer of 2017, the water…

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