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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Trump’s White House pressures NASA on climate science – Quartz

Many Americans have been subjected to an e-mail thread from septuagenarians upset about climate science. It’s a different story when the recipient runs NASA and the sender is a member of the White House National Security Council. Still, NASA administrator…

New insight from Great Barrier Reef coral provides correction factor to climate records

Newly developed geological techniques help uncover the most accurate and high-resolution climate records to date, according to a new study. The research finds that the standard practice of using modern and fossil coral to measure sea-surface temperatures may not be as straightforward as originally thought. By combining high-resolution microscopic techniques and geochemical modeling, researchers are using the formational history of Porites coral skeletons to fine-tune the records used to make global climate predictions.

Exciting progress on NASA’s next Mars mission

The Mars Helicopter – which will launch with Mars 2020 – has now passed some key tests. Plus engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, celebrate with a selfie after attaching the Mars 2020 rover’s remote sensing mast.

Today in science: Sally Ride in space

She was the 1st American woman in space, eventually flying on 2 Space Shuttle missions. She played a key role in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. And she inspired people.

When their star-birthing days are over, galaxies retire to oblivion

All things must end. Even galaxies. And when it’s time for the Milky Way to go, it will be quite a show — at least, if humans are still clinging to this planet in a few billion years. Someone may…

High Temperatures over the Arctic

Melt extent over Greenland was well over 40% on June 12, 2019. The surface melt map that day (on the right) shows many coastal areas for which data are missing, as indicated by the grey color. As the June 13,…


What causes flashes on the moon?

People have reported seeing Transient Lunar Phenomena – unusual flashes and other lights on the moon – for at least 1,000 years. Yet they’re still mysterious. Now a scientist in Germany is using a new telescope to try to solve the mystery.