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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


CNN Falsely Blames Climate Change For Siberian Craters

The phrase “never let a potential climate crisis story go to waste” must be in CNN’s news handbook because this headline has absolutely nothing to do with global warming aka climate change. The story at CNN titled Massive mystery holes…


Unraveling the secrets of Tennessee whiskey

More than a century has passed since the last scientific analyses of the famed ‘Lincoln County [Tennessee] process’ was published, but the secrets of the famous Tennessee whiskey flavor are starting to unravel. The latest research promises advancements in the field of flavor science as well as marketing.

Decades-old mystery of lithium-ion battery storage solved

(University of Texas at Austin) For years, researchers have aimed to learn more about a group of metal oxides that show promise as key materials for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries because of their mysterious ability to store significantly more energy than should be possible. An international research team, co-led by The University of Texas at Austin, has cracked the code of this scientific anomaly, knocking down a barrier to building ultra-fast battery energy storage systems.


Differing diets of bonobo groups may offer insights into how culture is created

Besides humans, many other social animals are believed to exhibit forms of culture in various ways, too. According to primatologists, bonobos, one of our closest living relatives, could be the latest addition to the list.

Repeating fast radio burst woke up again on schedule. Now what?

FRB 121102 is one of the few known repeating fast radio bursts, and astronomers are trying to use this new period of activity to understand it better. Some predict the current active phase should end sometime between August 31 and September 9. Will it?

Watch An Astrophotographer Capture ‘Giant Red Jellyfish Lighting Bolts’ From a Colorado Mountain

A storm-chaser and photographer recently documented a fascinating natural event known as a “sprite” in stunning detail. He uploaded it onto his YouTube page, and now a viewer can see lighting bolts express themselves in a completely different way, while also learning how to photograph them. A phenomenon that might have been more commonly seen […]

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Catching genes from chlamydiae allowed complex life to live without oxygen

(Uppsala University) Researchers has discovered a new group of Chlamydiae – named the Anoxychlamydiales – living under the ocean floor without oxygen. These have genes that allow them to survive without oxygen while making hydrogen gas. The researchers found that our single-cell ancestors ‘caught’ these hydrogen-producing genes from ancient Chlamydiae up to two-billion years ago – an event that was critical for the evolution of all complex life alive today. The results are published in Science Advances.

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