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Letter: Beating climate change means tough choices on solar and EVs – Financial Times

Martin Sandbu is an optimist. He thinks that daily life will pretty much stay the same in our ongoing battle against global warming (Opinion, April 26). I like optimism, but I see tough choices ahead. First, from where do we…

The Paris Agreement: Is the World’s Climate Action Plan on Track? – Visual Capitalist

As the impacts of climate change and the importance of decarbonization have started to become clear, it’s hard to ignore the ongoing shift towards embracing renewables. Today, the renewables energy market has already become the energy industry’s biggest driver of…

David Flemming: Global Warming Solutions Act may stop Vermont cash flow –

This commentary is by David Flemming, a policy analyst at the Ethan Allen Institute. For several years, Vermont has made millions selling renewable energy credits to other states. But the 2020 Global Warming Solutions Act will soon cut off this…

UK Climate Policies To Blame For Making Energy Poverty Worse

Britain’s fuel poverty problem is largely the creation of government policies and in particular the £10 billion a year subsidy cost of renewables. Government is now worried about the combined effect of lockdown and climate policy costs on low-income households…

Benefits of renewable energy vary from place to place

A new study finds the environmental benefits of renewable power generation vary significantly, depending on the nature of the conventional power generation that the renewable energy is offsetting. The researchers hope the work will help target future renewable energy investments in places where they can do the most good.

Solar is Now the Cheapest Electricity in History and Just Met 100% of Demand in South Australia For First Time

South Australia has met 100% of its electricity demands with solar energy for the first time over the weekend—most of it coming not from solar farms but PV panels mounted on rooftops. A combination of cloudless skies, low energy demand, and mild temperatures helped create conditions for 76% of circulating power to be generated by […]

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Ecological power storage battery made of vanillin

Researchers have found a way to convert the aromatic substance vanillin into a redox-active electrolyte material for liquid batteries. The technology is an important step towards ecologically sustainable energy storage.

Hot Air And The Offshore Wind Industry

For an American working-class ravaged by Covid-19’s economic destruction, the promise of tens of thousands of new, high-paying jobs in the offshore wind industry sounds like welcome news. Sadly, however, the economic benefits of job creation will be more than…